abroad no one likes going to the doctor. Often rule language problems, and you can only difficult to explain, what exactly is the Problem. Also you need to take before counterfeit Medicines into and, in particular, in the case of Malaria tablets or antibiotics. In addition, there are medicines and substances that we know of in this country, in other countries. It gives way to other preparations, this can lead to unwanted side effects.

the most Common travel diseases,

holidays are actually for recreation, for our twill be a journey, but it also means a lot of Stress. Different climate, unfamiliar food and poor hygiene conditions – all this can make you sick. The following diseases are the most common, which is the suffering of travellers:

the common cold, rhinitis gastro-intestinal ErkrankungLebensmittelvergiftungsonnenbrandsonnenstichsee, travel sickness allergies, lacerations, fractures, insect bites drugs, which must always be

Who wants to have a well-stocked travel pharmacy, which holds in the normal case, the Right, should adhere to the following checklist. You should always have something against …

… cold …… Gastro-Intestinal Complaints …… Pain and fever …… Allergies …… Skin irritation …… Bruises and sprains …… Injuries …

In the case of tropical Malaria-location check and, if necessary, Malaria medicines wrap up objectives in advance.

Stronger medicines

those Who suffer from chronic diseases, you should definitely wrap up its own tablets. It is recommended to distribute the number of required drugs for the entire holiday duration on task – as well as hand Luggage. So are you prepared in case of emergency, also to unexpected situations, such as, for example, the case of the loss or the delay of the arrival of your suitcase.

remember that, when taking time, the time shift of expect to be included. Thus, at the point of entry, no problems, check in advance with the competent authority whether you are allowed to import the drugs, and in what quantity. The Run to the Swiss customs authority should, in principle, be no problems. In some countries, it looks at the port of entry, however, is different. You are the best to carry a doctor’s prescription with the seal and signature of the doctor.

vaccinations do not forget!

Especially anyone who has taken a tropical destination eye, you should clarify before departure, which vaccinations in the destination are necessary. Depending on the vaccination, it takes a few weeks, until the vaccine is completely built. Seek, therefore, in a timely manner to a doctor who can inform you about the required vaccinations. Usually it is substances against rampant infectious diseases such as Malaria, yellow fever or Hepatitis A and B.