What will surprise the audience in Moscow a group of Vacuum

And answered questions of the correspondent of “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”. Including about how to maintain good relations in the team and what to do if your creative views with a nominal head, strongly disagree.

Vacuum is one of the most interesting electro-pop groups in Europe. How do you feel about its level of popularity in the 90s and now? And it is useful if artists any price to follow the musical fashion, in order to succeed?

Mathias Lindblom: what is popularity?! Maybe artists are simply more useful to understand why they do music?! I, for example, the most important thing is to strive to achieve the best quality of my art and desperately search for inspiration. After all, without inspiration and imagination it’s hard to live without them, not written good song, not made significant inventions, not predicted the future! Will the success – no one knows in advance. So don’t bother. More important is to understand what you want to decide the intent.

Photo: Vyacheslav Prokofyev/TASS Nikolay Rastorguev: it was touch and go up until I met Matvienko

And then, if you get something honest, true and correct (I have the songs, someone’s painting or invention) – it will resonate with other people! Though, because you had shared dreams (smiles). Well, if you do not succeed, you’ll get at least sympathy. Is not the indifference. And this is too much.

Because I don’t care about popularity. I care about attention! I want people to have learned something good and useful out of what I share with them. If I’m going to do it, if popularity and place in the hit parades will go away? No doubt.

Having achieved success, you are become like other artists to move to the music centers of the world, which are London and new York. What are the advantages and disadvantages that you are still alive in Sweden, far from the leaders of the entertainment industry?

Matthias Lindblom: And now what is the center? Is there such at all? Now is the time when you can create your own industry anywhere. Yeah, honestly, I’m so interested to be a part of the industry. I engaged in creative work. Whether it be words, song lyrics, musicals or albums. Now I understand that creativity is the most important for me!

of Course, sometimes I’m dealing with the music industry, but not so keen on it as before. Stockholm is truly beautiful for creation. We sleep here on the granite. And it is very often dark. The best climate for the Studio and create songs not come up! There are a lot of ghosts, and I like it. Maybe it helps me for several years now, I work on the musical prose of my dear friend Edward Radzinsky (obviously, this is the story of one of the kings of the Russian state – approx. “RG”).

Yes, for work I travel around the world. The recent few weeks in Los Angeles was fine but it was like jumping in a jar of honey. Zero exposure, zero resistance. And I need that Swedish features: granite, darkness, ghosts, the macabre! So Stockholm is almost perfect for me (smiling).

Tell us about the Swedish school of pop music. She really exist or is this just a coincidence and General luck ABBA, Roxette, Secret Service, Army of Lovers, Europe, and other Vacuum?

Matthias Lindblom: Before she existed. At some point in history, we set the trends. But today so much attention from the different parties that, in my opinion, it has become more difficult to focus and stay true to his direction. This is a problem in itself. It is easy to fall into the trap of following the road of other ussuccessful people. You can lose your “I” and become faceless… No more important time to break the templates!

Photo: Evgeny Odinokov / RIA Novosti Why, after getting Little Big on “Eurovision” from them left the Manager

Yes, in Sweden it was great to grow. The beautiful traditional melodies that I guess we got its unique sense of melody. Great tales and children’s books from authors such as Astrid Lindgren… In Sweden there is also a certain fearlessness combined with work ethic. We are always ready to try something new, so the Swedes are often called “early adopters”.

But there’s the trouble: we are so open to new things, which sometimes tend to throw things pretty good, not batting an eye, just to make room for something new. I honestly prefer to do the opposite.

When I started making music, everything was different – everyone wanted to find their own way. No one wanted to sing like someone else, to sound as the previous star. And most importantly to ensure that do not be like anyone! I believe Vacuum this and achieved this to some extent. (Smiles).

you Have a magical voice. And you are tall beautiful blonde. I assume you had no problems early in his career, and they are not now. Or your path was difficult?

Matthias Lindblom: Kidding me? If I say that sent out thousands of demo tapes – this is no exaggeration. It wasn’t easy, but I can tell you, it was fun. I loved every second of it, because I loved what I was doing. Music! I didn’t give up and always go forward. There were moments that were important. Certain key people, certain rooms. I did everything I could to be everywhere. Luck? Of course. But I also made sure that luck was possible, starting to play the drums at age 6.

When I turned 25, I became part of the Vacuum… you Know what your problem today? To become a star in the eyes of the television you had to be Michael Jackson, Prince and the Beatles in one person in 15 years. At least we have in Sweden.

Who we’re kidding? But maybe it’s time to understand that “the divine Comedy” Dante was not written in one day? Is the path to success should be simple and short. No. The chance should be available to all.

Vacuum was originally a project by Alexander bard of Army of Lovers. He soon left the band, and you became its leader. Usually the stars in this mercilessly curse and remain enemies. You managed to get along without it?

Photo credit: Ekaterina Chesnokova/RIA Novosti Stotsky told why he preferred the theatre and the musical career of the singer

Matthias Lindblom: Alexander is a wonderful person in many ways. But we broke up because it became difficult to negotiate. I wanted to go in a completely different direction. He is in the other. As we didn’t have it? Just both remembered our shared, very inspiring times. And I, and Alexander – we are still proud of the music that was born to us in the 90s.

What you decided to do this time?

Matthias Lindblom: It will be a mix of old and new songs. Whether it be good will it? It’s up to the public. And we get to listen to her opinion.

the Concert of Vacuum

Moscow, Adrenalin Stadium (can accommodate 7 thousand people), March 7, beginning at 19:00.