What will happen to the school Olympiads of coronavirus

– “the University of Moscow, caring for the health of participants in competitions, students and staff of the University, in connection with the threat of the spread of the new coronavirus infection, decided to postpone the final stages of Olympiads to the normalization of the epidemiological situation. Follow the news on the website!”.

Photo: iStock How schools and colleges can arrange online training

on-site rounds of the final stage of the Moscow Olympiad also transferred – in law, computer science for grades 10-11, the Latin language.

in addition, it is already known that the finals of all-Russian Olympiad will be held after may 12: all results the organizers must be able to handle it, so the guys got their benefits and can use them for admission to the University.

And some finals of the Olympics Sectarian movement of the National technology initiative have moved to a remote format.


Dmitry Tikhonov, Director of the Center for career guidance and pre-University training St. Petersburg state Polytechnic University Peter the Great (College-participant of the 5-100 Project):

“Now most of the issues associated with the final stage of all-Russian Olympiad on different subjects, because it is the most important Olympics, the winners receive the highest number of advantages and benefits.

Photo: iStock Ministry of education has issued guidelines for distance learning

I think you need to wait the official decision of the Ministry and operators, conducting the Olympics, the Ref.flax each item.

it is Also worth noting that tickets to the participants of the school Olympic games are purchased at the expense of funds allocated and paid for by operators/regions depending on the Olympics.

as for high school competitions and contests in Saint-Petersburg Polytechnic University Peter the Great almost all of the Olympics managed to hold.

If to speak about the events that have been scheduled for the school holiday period, including with the participation of students from other regions, we had time to get the word out about the restriction of public events. Everyone understands the situation.”