What will change in Russian museums due to coronavirus

Thermal disinfection and individual visiting

the Russian museums while trying not to panic and continue to work, however, taking special measures to ensure the safety of visitors and employees.

the press service of the Pushkin Museum. Of A. S. Pushkin “RG” reported that the Museum continues to work, but focuses on individual visits: “Are only those events, the number of participants does not exceed 100 people, lectures, chamber concerts, press conferences, private tours. Excursions are reduced in duration and number of people in groups. Canceled exhibitions and the annual “Drawn together””.

Special attention at the Museum focusing on the disinfection and cleaning – every hour halls are processed antiseptic, audio guides are issued with disposable headphones. Part of the Museum staff transferred to remote work, as cashiers, guides and caretakers will work in masks.

Photo: Alexander Halperin/ RIA Novosti Most cases of the coronavirus came from Europe

Continues its work and the Historical Museum. According to the head of Department on public relations of the Museum Mary Lemigova, make the decision to close the Museum complex can only founder – the Ministry of culture of Russia, and while the Museum is open. But he has purchased personal protective equipment for employees, and visitors now are censored by the imager. However, these measures are not enough to attract people – Museum attendance plummeted.

Adapts to the new conditions and the Hermitage, which also limits the number of visitors, cancels all public events and enhances “the already thorough cleaning of the Museum.” But heatanimovany exhibitions not going to give up. “The Hermitage is committed to ensuring that the exhibition plans the Museum has not changed. At the moment we plan that all our exhibitions will open on the previously approved schedule, however the opening ceremony of the exhibition with the invitation of guests will not be held”, – said the press service of the Museum.

Welcome to the Museum, virtual!

But no matter how hard museums, the pandemic is forcing everyone to play by their rules. And the only way to resist quarantine – the Internet. Virtual space to date, is the only place where you can safely watch a new movie, listen to an Opera or go to a Museum.

for Example, in the Pushkin Museum. A. S. Pushkin in the online format will be transferred to the conference Pushkin.Youth “bifurcation Point” and the action “I’ll show you the Museum,” and all upcoming lectures will be broadcasted in social networks.

Photo: Anton novoderezhkin/TASS the state Duma to change the schedule of work for the prevention of coronavirus

“On the page of the Academy of Pushkin’s collected short and exciting video for all those wishing to study the history of art: exclusive interviews, and presentations by Directors of leading museums in the world – told “RG” in the press service of the Museum. – In-app izi.Travel available free audio guides for the permanent exhibition and buildings of the Museum and previous exhibitions. The best of what we know about art, collected by our Youtube channel”. And for those who want to see their favorite painting or statue at any time of the day available virtual tour of the Museum.

Your virtual tour can be proud of and the Hermitage Museum and its online collection available to more than 400 thousand exhibits 56 18 collections and exhibitions. Waiting for virtual visitors of the Tretyakov gallery and the State Russian Museum in St. Petersburg.

the Network can “walk” through the halls of the Louvre and the Prado, the British Museum and the Vatican museums, the Salvador Dali Museum and the Guggenheim Museum, the Museum of the Smithsonian institution and the Metropolitan Museum. While the coronavirus is walking on the planet, developing online mode the visiting the museums. It does not need to apply for a visa and buy a ticket – a nice bonus for the person quarantined.

P. S.

While preparing the material, the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin introduced new measures to protect against coronavirus. The corresponding decree published on the website of the Moscow mayor. The city prohibits all public outdoor activities in the sphere of culture, physical culture and sports, exhibition, entertainment and educational activities outdoors. A ban on events more than 50 people in the buildings. The restrictive measures are valid until 10 April of the current year.

they have?

on Friday the 13th closed the Louvre in Paris. Anyone who bought electronic tickets return the money. While the Museum brings the opening of the exhibition of paintings by Altdorfer Albrecht, tentative scheduled for may, the exhibition “Soul and body. From Donatello to Michelangelo. Italian sculpture of the Renaissance.” So did all the other French museums, which were closed “until the new order government.” Previously, their museums have closed the Vatican. And Italy have restricted visiting all the museums and cultural institutions in the country. The same situation in Germany and Austria.