What University to choose to get half a million rubles

Top 10 highest paid real job. Graduates of some universities can get them?

1. The chief engineer of the refinery – 800 thousand rubles per month

2. Director of marketing, advertising and Commerce – from 700 thousand rubles per month

3. Gynecologist-reproductologist – 500 thousand rubles per month

4. CEO gold mining company – 400 thousand rubles per month

5. Plant Manager (relocation to Altai) – 400 thousand rubles per month

6. Doctor-dentist-orthopedist – 378 thousand rubles per month

7. Head of service development – 350 thousand rubles per month

8. Dentist-implantologist – 300 thousand rubles per month

9. Sales Manager – up to 300 thousand per month

10. Anesthesiologist-resuscitator in a drug treatment clinic with up to 180 thousand rubles per month.

looks So hot dozen, made on fresh databases of job portals.

In an explicit benefit – graduates of medical schools. Especially those who studied on a budget. But if you, for example, will study dentistry at paid any branch of the medical University of Moscow, only to study in the specialty will have to pay almost 2 million roubles! Plus, let’s say, residency. Another 800 thousand (!) two years of residency.

For the future chief engineer of the oil refinery there is a specific requirement for education needs graduate of Russian state University of oil and gas. Gubkina, plus extra-curricular education in the field of “mechanics”, “hydraulics”. Experience at least 10 years. On the University website there are fresh announcements about the practice in our mining giants. Practice of month on 2-3, and most often unpaid.

Photo: Alexander Scherbak/TASS Ready universities to transition to distance learning

Director ZOLOTOGOyuusei company can be finished specialty “mining”. In Russia it is offered to three dozen universities. Among them, the Saint-Petersburg mining University, peoples ‘ friendship University, MISIS, Magnitogorsk state technical University and other universities. Mandatory experience and team management, where at least 500 employees.

Tatyana Klyachko, Director of the Center for lifelong education Economics, Ranepa confirms that a higher wage on the Russian labor market – a reality. Only there is one “but”:

– a Very few – and this piece of the position, receive high salaries. While a dentist in the district hospital and a dentist in private practice receive very different money. The youth is in the medical universities, and then seeks to get places with good jobs, but not everyone is able, says Klyachko. – Economics and management remain in the top techniques, since it is still under favorable conditions can get a cash job. But you have to understand that luck is not for everyone and not everywhere. From the province go to Moscow, thinking that you’re lucky. But lucky not for everyone.