What to sell in Moscow at metro stations

According to the press service of gku “transport Organizer” in 2019 there were more than ten thousand cases of illegal trade. Many administrative reports and issued fines. To individuals facing five thousand rubles, and legal – to 500 thousand rubles. Most traders gravitate to sites near metro stations, transportation hubs, and underground passages – there are many passers-by, and hence potential buyers. In such places usually are pushing low-quality consumer goods, the sellers did not have sanitary books, and the prices are set at random. Taxes, of course, no one pays.

Photo: Vladimir Smirnov / TASS Italian police gave chase for a seller of masks Ukrainka

Often in the past year traders-the illegals were met near the metro stations “Teatralnaya”, “Belarusian”, “Dmitry Donskoy Boulevard”, “Domodedovo”, “Kursk”, “Rechnoy Vokzal”. Over the past six months, according to the organization, cases became less. Natural point of “Vykhino”, “Teply Stan” and “Academic”, for example, is gradually eroding. “Passengers TPU “Vykhino” until recently could not pass due to the accumulation of traders, – says the head of the “transport Organizer” Pavel Pavlov. – Recently, however, recorded isolated cases of trafficking. For example, the “Academic” institution officials stopped the mass manufacturing of food and textiles”.

According to the observations of the correspondent of “RG”, traders became smaller, but they are still there. To complete the experiment went through popular spots at different days and hours. “Grey” trade mostly foraged migrants from Central Asia and students. The range of poor and similar. For example, at the entrance to the hundrednciu metro station “Belorusskaya” (ring) that have the same name of the station, still tight. Trade books, floral bouquets, SIM cards. Many try not to attract too much attention, and then changing their disposition. Here a lady offers “good” vision glasses for 250 rubles, placed on the box. Next to the guy wearing headphones and cords for charging gadgets, cautious and nervous glances.

For a year in Moscow there were more than ten thousand cases of illegal trading at the subway stations

– Wire for iPhone have? – I ask.

– of Course, there is one, easier, 200 rubles, and another, braided, give it for 300.

Photo: iStock In Tomsk, created an online map sells illegal alcohol shops


– Yes, but very high quality. Don’t worry.

In the transition from Novokosino black guy sells to passers-by cheap fake perfume. And “Arbat” trading underwear, socks, phone chargers and flowers. For one Tulip asking 60 rubles, and a Bush of Mimosa – 200. Bouquets anytime you can find “Kiev”. During the holidays, Mimosa sold for $ 100 at station “Savelovsky”, opposite the station. The weekend ended, and with them gone, and florists. Is that the lonely wandering man touting free legal advice. The “Theatre” and “Revolution Square” – no one. Either Friday or Saturday. Apparently, hit the “unhappy hours”. And maybe say bad weather with gusty winds, rain and snow.