What to feed kids in kindergartens for Allergy sufferers


Parents have long appealed to the city authorities with the request to open kindergartens for children with allergies. The fact that at an early age milk for many children the main allergen. And in kindergartens, as is known, it is in almost all foods. Educational institutions were not ready to work in a separate menu, and to bring their own food to the gardens is strictly prohibited. Replace a dish in kindergarten practically nothing, allergens can only be deleted. So the unfortunate child remained except the bowl of soup for lunch without the sour cream. Parents puzzled over what to do, and either have children in the garden for a few hours – after Breakfast and before lunch, or suit kid to a private garden. But at the end of December Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin proposed to make an experiment on introduction of special food for children with allergies to dairy products. Responded to the call of the school N 285, and 1367 1465. In February, the new gardens first met the children.

“the Menu for the inmates of these gardens are developed in conjunction with the CPS, it passed all examinations and is formed taking into account age needs of the kids and without the use of dairy products, – said the Chairman of the Commission of the Advisory Council of parents to control the quality and organization of catering in educational institutions Natalia Anichkova. – And one more feature of these gardens: if in ordinary gardens the physician operates without a clear timetable, the new dietitian is on duty daily. She is responsible for menu, quality and storage conditions of the products, controls the operation of the catering Department”.


In the garden at the school N 1367 in Lublin, 11, K. 3, Breakfast at 8: 00, about 10: 00 second Breakfast, lunch, as elsewhere, at 12.00. We caught the guys already at lunch – 15.00. Three-year-old Alice and Peter for both cheeks ate greedily the buckwheat, cooked just on the water. “My mother prepares this often – shared little Petya. – Dad makes a delicious vegetable stew”.

Photo: Arkady Kolybasov/WG Chertanovo Central will be refurbished over three years on the program “My neighborhood”

Despite the “boring” cereal in the afternoon, the whole menu to name language does not turn. Lunch is a salad from fresh cucumbers, cabbage and potato casserole with the liver. For dinner they waited for minced meat patties with tomato sauce. The menu, by the way, a lot of meat – source of protein as well as cereals, porridge, fruit and steamed vegetables. “Children of thing to be tasty, so try to vary the menu and appetizing submit” – explains the Director of school No. 1367 Victor Neumyvakin.

the Menu, approved by 20 days. The Breakfast here is definitely to be envied kids from ordinary kindergartens: in addition to cereals there’s sweet pilaf with dried apricots, schnitzels, chicken, vegetable casseroles. Lunch is also good – stuffed cabbage, fish dumplings, pickle. “Milk porridge replace pancakes with dried apricots, beef, or chicken liver pate with bread and cherry tea. Lunch goes with a Bang salad “Mosaic” baked fish with potatoes”, – says the observations of the first Deputy Director of school No. 1367 Alexander Voronov.

Kindergarten in Lublin is accepting applications from parents in preschool. Here there will be four to 25 people. In total along with the gardens in schools N N 1465 285 and it is planned to recruit 400 children.

help “RG”on the menu Today

Breakfast 1

Pilaf with dried apricots (239,24)

Tea with sugar (footprint of 39.96)

beef Puree (228,38)

Bread from wheat flour first grade (51,80)

Breakfast 2

Fruits and berries fresh (36,40)


Herring with onions (118,37)

homemade Pickle in meat broth (96,07)

boiled Beef (33,85)

Liver, braised (beef) (159,75)

buckwheat Porridge crumbly (155,64)

Compote of dry fruits 103,39

Bread from wheat flour first grade (51,80)

rye-wheat Bread (40,06)

afternoon Snack

Casserole of cabbage (273,07)

Cookies (111,74)

Tea with cherry (77,75)


Meatballs from chopped poultry (170,05)

stewed Beets (130,62)

Drink “Smorodina” (68,35)

Bread from wheat flour first grade (51,80)

Dinner 2

the apricot Jelly (of 79.13)

Bun “Home” (113,08)

total for the day: 2430,29 kcal

the Menu is made for children with milk Allergy, aged from 3 to 7 years.

In parentheses indicate the number of calories.

Menu pre-school groups are on the websites of all three schools.