According to estimates by the environmental organization WWF, even if only one percent incorrectly disposed of and ends up in the environment, this means that at least 10 million used masks polluting every month.” However, only Italy, at the stage of release from quarantine is required, according to estimates by the Politecnico di Torino, 1 billion 500 million masks and pairs of gloves per month. Meanwhile, the protective mask and gloves can be recycled.

currently, the country is recommended to dispose of masks and gloves according to the standard scheme of management of medical waste. This means that medical institutions need to deal with waste in the same statement as usual, counting the used PPE and other debris potentially infectious threat, it is stored in sealed containers for incineration. Citizens also recommended to separate potentially hazardous waste, including used mask and gloves, and kept separately in sealed packages to prevent possible utilities of the presence of such debris. For example, recommended to act in some localities in the United States. According to the website Bloomberg Law expert Alice Paffgen of the U.S. law firm Alston and Bird, different States differently regulate the treatment of medical waste. Someone referred to as threat, only those who were in contact with sick coronavirus, someone- everything. Somewhere in Massachusetts, trying to impose fines of up to 5,5 thousand dollars for improperly disposed of PPE. In daily life, however the treatment of them seems to no tracking. For example, the Hawaiian environmentalists in the newspaper the garden island complain that the discarded masks, gloves and other PPE accumulated along the shoreline of the Hawaiian Islands.

In the UAE in early may, the government stated that it will be fined on 1 thousand dirhams (270 dollars) those who throw SIZ of vehicles, tracking of offenders using the cameras.

In Wuhan, China during the outbreak of coronavirus has even built a plant for the treatment and disposal of medical wastes.

But if the medical organization is accustomed to deal with waste in accordance with the rules, then teach this population will, it seems, is not easy, because control is virtually impossible. It is hoped the consciousness of the citizens. In many cities, including in Russia, on the streets put bright containers for used masks and gloves, but what percentage of the residents use them – is unknown.