feelings are a volatile thing. Once you come to a clear and intensive, therefore, at times quietly, at other times as a hard to deciphering the mix. How we interpret it, to drive what actions you are to us and what we are betrayed by all this, our environment is again a very different Pair of shoes.

What has passed for a process your friend can just say it. Perhaps it has brought him a certain event to rethink, perhaps he has interpreted the long-existing things just to be different.

Apparently, you told your friend that he, too, is overwhelmed. Invite him to share his feeling of chaos with you. You must now find no quick answers and conclusions to summarize, but you can just be there for each other and share what moves you. This creates the kind of proximity to the stability, but not crushed.

Maybe your friend feels under pressure, that he must choose between you and his Hobby. In such situations, but often you can enjoy neither the one nor the other properly. Talk about your expectations in how your time can be divided want. Sometimes it helps to have something to let go, to feel more close to.

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