Our relationship I experience as very good and when we have Sex, then like me . But I could be still good/strong> live without it. I think it would be a big relief if I had more Lust . Sina


Many people have great illusions of how sexual desire in a everyday life. Particularly, if you should happen to be in a long-term relationship. You measure the normality of inflated expectations and are inevitably disappointed.

Often hide couples get caught up in a unfavorable dynamic: they cement an understanding of the role, in which a Person has supposedly always in the mood, and the other never. By this rigid attitude, and the generally negative picture right there is not much going in the first place.

Apparently, you imagine that everything would be fine, if your desire would just gush like a never-ending source constantly. This may work as a dream, but not as lebbares target. Open you, to explore what is. So, your desire or reluctance, without reservation, to get to know.

Lack of desire is not just a blemish, you should as quickly as possible to eradicate it. On your way you is almost always an important piece of the Puzzle that fits in a meaningful way in the big picture of the current sexuality. She tells an important story. To understand this, you can begin to set new impulses that really fit to the existing sexuality and as a sustainable improvement in trigger.

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