Donald trump

This week has been very eventful. In Belarus presidential elections are coming in the US “mourn” Tik Tok, and in Russia is still increasing the number of political prisoners. What else happened in the world this week and what we would like to stay more in detail tell in our article on SPLETNIK.RU.

1.Donald trump and TikTok

the 73-year-old President of the United States Donald trump is obsessed with TikTok. The head of state said he intends to block the popular social network in the country.

the Decision to take such measures trump adopted for reasons of national security. Anyway, so goes the official version. The fact that TikTok is owned by Chinese company ByteDance, and the President of the United States fears that the American users of the social network will pass to the PRC government.

Another reason, which experts say could be a trade war with China. It is no secret that in recent years the economy of Asian countries is on a significant rise, and such power as the United States, which seeks to dominate the world, it is certainly not on hand. Banning social network in the country, trump will cause significant financial harm to the owners of the company.

Yesterday, the American magazine Forbes has published a rating of stars TikTok with the highest incomes. First place was taken by 19-year-old Addison ray Easterling, who has made thanks to the social network more than five million dollars. For TikTok she even dropped out of the University of Louisiana, and due to its popularity has entered into several advertising contracts with well-known brands. The second and third lines took sisters — 16-year-old Charlie and 18-year-old Dixie D Amelio, who earned 4 and $ 2.9 million, respectively. Needless to say that the decision trump put an end to their career in a popular social network (unless they decide to move to another country)?


the Third reason is political. In June in Tulsa, Oklahoma, held a campaign rally in support of Donald trump. To book tickets for it online. Did the users of the app Tik Tok, only to the rally, they were not. The turnout was extremely low, supporters of the tramp due to the concerted action of users of the social network to purchase tickets failed, and the President has lost the support of his potential voters. For trump, who in the fall will again participate in the presidential elections, it is really a serious problem, as for the victory he will have to fight. Outright censorship (if, after all this is the reason) may seriously hurt the reputation of trump, who has previously thunderstormsilsya close in the US and Twitter.

Donald trump and Kim Jong-UN

the desire to acquire part of the business TikTok said the American company Microsoft. Today, Donald trump has signed a decree prohibiting any transactions with the owners TikTok and social network WeChat, which will take effect in 45 days. So make the deal the companies will need in the near future. While trump said that some of the money from the deal will have to go into the U.S. Treasury. This statement will only complicate the negotiations between the two companies, since, according to lawyers, the government has no authority to participate in a private transaction.

American users of the popular social network with over billion users worldwide, of course, in shock. However, some relate to what is happening with humor. In Tik Tok has already appeared hashtag #SaveTikTok (save TikTok), under which people post funny videos making fun of trump.

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2.Case “New greatness”

Yesterday, the Lublin court of Moscow has announced the conviction of defendants in the case “the New greatness”. Three of them, Vyacheslav Kryukov, Peter Karamzin and Ruslan Kostylenko, gave real terms (they were sentenced to six, six and a half and seven years imprisonment respectively), others, Dmitry Poletayev, Maxim rosino, Maria Dubovik and Anna Pavlikova, were given suspended sentences of four to six and a half years.

Recall, March 15, 2018, ten members of the opposition organization “New royalty” was arrested by representatives of law enforcement bodies. They were accused of creating an extremist community. The investigation stated that they planned “a constitutional coup with the subsequent seizure of power.”

the Case received great public interest. Among the detainees was a juvenile Anna pavlikova, who was sent to jail. During his imprisonment, she developed several serious diseases. The other detained, Maria Dubovik, also had health problems in prison. August 15 in support of girls in Moscow held a “March for mothers”. The next day both of them was placed under house arrest.

Dmitry Bykov in the “March of mothers”

Other detainees were told about the torture to which they were subjected in jail.

Case “New greatness” commented even the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. He said that the organization’s goal was “the overthrow of the current government through unconstitutional means, violent”.

For this purpose they collect, conducted various activities, preparing for combat, as they themselves wrote in their documents ready including to conduct terrorist attacks against the authorities… Besides, there they have cool and rifles, a grenade or a couple of grenades — well this is serious stuff,

— said Putin.

the guilt of the defendants not guilty. Their lawyers say was a provocation on the part of the leader of the group, Ruslan Danilov (real name Alexander Konstantinov). According to them, he was embedded with a secret service agent who created the Charter of the organization (it later found extremist appeals) and was looking for premises for its meetings (initially the group met in Moscow “McDonald’s”).

prior To his detention, the defendants in the “New grandeur” managed to take part in several protest rallies and March in memory of Boris Nemtsov. However, the investigation relied on the fact that they also arranged trip to Moscow, where they trained to shoot at targets and made Molotov cocktails.

Anna pavlikova
Maria Dubovik
before his arrest several members of the “New grandeur” I said I wanted to leave the organization, but Danilov them from this discouraged. It was his testimony formed the basis of the case.

of Course, I want to believe that the provocateur Rada Zelinsky (aka Ruslan Danilov, aka Alexander Konstantinov aka…) — geek fabricated the entire Scam with the “New grandeur”, will get a personal place in hell, and under his pan never extinguished the fire. But it’s not just the scum with multiple names. The fact that poganesti became a professional handwriting secret police. br>
why was the case of the “New grandeur” of power, there is no exact answer. Perhaps it was born in the stoned brain of the major, who dreamed of becoming a Colonel, but did not know how to do it honestly. br>
That showed the state of this case and this verdict? The verdict in the case of the “New grandeur” reflects the level of barbarism in modern Russia. Law no. There is no defense. Court no. Primitive-police society. Denunciation and torture hook — main “working tools”. Case “New greatness” showed that from the perverse laws of the state went to straight chaos. That chaos became state policy. The spirit of the Cheka materialized eyes, the recognition, once again, “the Queen of evidence”, and the personnel of the secret police is full of sadists bring their dark fantasies under the guise of the shoulder straps (spelling and punctuation of the author saved. — Approx. edition)

— said human rights activist Lev Shlosberg.

3.“Russian trace” in Beirut

on Tuesday, August 4, in the Lebanese capital Beirut explosion. As it became known later, in the port city lit up with fireworks warehouse. The tragedy claimed the lives of more than 100 people, and more than five thousand were injured. The amount of damage from the effects of the explosion, the authorities estimated at $ 15 billion.

the Prime Minister of Lebanon Hassan Diab called the tragedy in the port of Beirut national disaster and said that the guilty will be punished for what happened. The names involved in the incident have not yet named, but almost immediately started talking about the “Russian trace”.

the Ammonium nitrate, which exploded in a warehouse in the port of Beirut, got back on the ship Rhosus, which belonged to a Cypriot businessman of Russian origin, Igor Grechushkina. In 2014, his ship was arrested in port due to non-payment for Parking, a chemical substance left on the storage.

Grechushkin a native of Khabarovsk, but now lives in Cyprus. Former captain of Rhosus Boris Prokoshev says that his head was a big problem with Finance: to him alone he owes 60 thousand dollars. It Prokoshev transported the ill-fated cargo to Lebanon from Batumi. According to him, Grechushkina for the transportation of 2 750 tonnes of ammonium nitrate was given a million dollars. Customers were people from Mozambique, but they never showed up, and the goods remained in storage in the Lebanese port.

However, the Lebanese authorities became interested in the story. First, the owner of the vessel, Grechushkin began shortly before the flight, which was carrying a dangerous cargo (formerly the ship belonged to Cypriots), and secondly, he didn’t pay his team, and thirdly, you just left your ship, although, according to Prokosheva, it was possible to receive 350 thousand dollars, just passing on scrap metal. Why not declare the owners of the cargo, the question is also open.

However, most likely, guilty recognize the port authority of Beirut, which left a dangerous goods for storage without complying with the precautionary measures.

They know that the cargo is dangerous, in Lebanon the terrorist threat with such a burden in ports as you go. As Grechushkin agreed that we are allowed, I don’t know. When Grechushkin wanted we went to Cyprus, Lebanese, knowing that we have dangerous goods, on the contrary, had to pay him money, so he just removed the headache from the port. And they arrested the ship — to see, wanted him to tear off. Well, naturalOh, wanted to tear, but it turned out that he did not paid us nor them,

says Prokoshev.