the skin of The head fails in the case of illness or an imbalance in the body as the First Alarm. For example, if you have a Vitamin-D or Vitamin – B12 deficiency, that can be on your scalp detected. In such cases, a slight hair loss occurs most of the time, appears to be hardly unusual for the hair to be significantly less.

Vitamin B12 has a strong impact on metabolism and performance. The substance is missing many people, especially vegetarians, vegans and those Affected by type 2 Diabetes. A Vitamin D deficiency occurs in many people in the Winter, when the sun seems little and weak.

iron deficiency is particularly common in women

women with strong menstrual bleeding, often suffer from iron deficiency. Shortly after birth, they often have such a deficit. This is manifested, among other things, in the Form of tiredness and fatigue. The deficiency leads to moderate hair loss.

Stress is harmful to the body

hair loss can occur suddenly. Most of the time he is but a concrete event. Because of the events that put the body in a state of Stress, can contribute to hair loss. The skin of the head remains, then, is not spared. It is two to three months is most of the time, until the hair begins to precipitate. An Operation, for example, can represent a large burden for the body. Also severe loss of weight if the food is no longer enough proteins and minerals are included, stressing the body. Usually the hair grows back but if the body from the Stress recovers.

If there is in the body a hormonal imbalance, suffers from the scalp. The thyroid gland can produce many or too few hormones. Then, the head skin becomes dry and itchy while the hair is brittle and dull.

you must have Vitamin D deficiency

know Many suffer in the Winter with Vitamin D deficiency. No wonder, the man the important of Vitamin on for the most part, the rays of the sun.

What is Vitamin B12 and why do we need it?

A lack of Vitamin B12 can have adverse health consequences. Why is this Vitamin so important? And where to find it?