An invitation is purely fluttered, you are invited to a wedding. A running the gauntlet: you need to find a dress, and a wedding celebration is. But what the rules were there again? With the following rules you can avoid it, to step into the fat cells.

1. Weiss is wearing only the bride

you Can wear to a wedding with a white dress? No, definitely not. White and cream tones are reserved for the bride, for guests it is an absolute taboo! You can grab shades of pastel, so that you never make a lot of mistakes. White or cream-colored accessories are not allowed.

2. Black is a No-Go

there is also A color, you should better leave the fingers: Black is the color of mourning and not a welcome guest at a happy occasion in this country. If it must be something Dark, then you put on muted brown, Blue or gray tones. Also here: Black accessories or patterns that include black areas.

3. Red remains at home

Also, you can Red better in the closet: the color! These may bear only the mother-in-law. The bright signal colour has a hidden meaning and you don’t want to teach as a guest better. Because it means that anyone who wears Red to a wedding, is to have an intimate relationship with the groom.

4. Bride

trump With a colorful or eye-catching dress next to it. Because the focus is on the bride-to-be is always! This may not be a Look that would attract all eyes, in the shadows. Finally, it is your big day. The choice may fall on a saturated Blue or Sunny Yellow, not garish and sensational.

5. How sexy will it be?

the Same is true with the cut of your Robe. In a short cocktail dress or a deep Décolleté is basically nothing. To should not be sensational it will be, but the depth of insight you’d prefer to be. Deep Back cut-outs or corsets are too much of a Good thing – you’d better choose a simpler cut.

6. In the Church of the shoulders

cover During the ceremony in the Church or at the registry office you should cover your shoulders. Also, the neckline should not be too deep. Who uses a Swivel with a timeless classic like a boxy Chanel-style jackets best. Also Ponchos and large shawls are very much in demand. Only of cardigans, you should leave the Finger – the little chic!

7. Head accessories include not only the Royals

Royal-weddings without hats – that would be a scandal! But for normal mortals, a headpiece is a wedding, a sweet accessory. In the summer, held high, then they are especially good and make the Outfit a real eye-catcher. Too flashy and pompous, the hat should not be, but then, that would be more reminiscent of carnival as elegance. At Hippie weddings flowers wreaths beautiful hair can be accessories.

8. Women must also wear a pair of pants?

Against pants, there is usually nothing wrong. It must be noted, however, that the choice falls on elegant leg clothing. Denim is an absolute No-Go, and has lost nothing in a wedding. You want to wear as a woman in a pair of pants, then put on a suit.

9. Guest Outfit for men

men Also don’t have it easy, for a wedding dress. Rule number one: shorts are a real faux pas. With a suit, it never does anything wrong, but it has to be noted the dress code on the invitation.

Smart Casual or Casual Chic : This dress code is casual, schlabbriges T-Shirt and worn out Sneakers, however, are not allowed! Like the suit may be a bit sportier, also Jeans may be worn. Color, technically, it may be also bright tones, or pastel shades. However, these must be appropriate, no holes or cracks. In the case of Sneakers, the same applies, you want to look elegant. A tie or bow tie are not a Must. the Cocktail: This dress code is always casual, but something more elegant. A dark suit needs to be, tie or bow tie are required, the same is true for elegant shoes. the Black Tie : Here needs a Tuxedo in the traditional Black. A cummerbund is required, because the Transition between the pants and shirt must not be visible. Patent leather shoes are desired, a black bow tie is also mandatory. the White Tie : For this dress code are the tails with the dovetail, white shirt, white vest, black pants with narrow strips of Silk, varnished shoes and white bow tie characteristic. White gloves are not absolutely necessary.