Sources claim that the village Nizhneserginski located in Krasnoufimsk district of the Sverdlovsk region, was founded by the dissenters-old believers from Nizhny Novgorod province, who fled from persecution on Bashkir land in the XVII century. The official year of birth of the village – 1730-th, when it was put Ilinski copper smelter. After almost forty years of copper production stopped for lack of raw materials. But it blossomed factory for making and tinning of copper and brass dishes – she worked on imported ore.

It was here in 1746 appeared the first Russian samovar. One such item was confiscated from Ilinca for carriage of goods bypassing customs, the Protocol he described in great detail: “the samovar with the device copper, tinned, weighing 16 pounds, the factory own work, price of 4 rubles 80 kopecks”. Samovars appeared on the basis of vessels for cooking sbiten – a hot drink with herbs and honey. Soon tea replaced from the miracle bucket “Russian mulled wine”.

by the Way, then samovars began to “rivet” and the neighboring Suksun factory Demidovs, where they reached Tula. However, a sleek and durable ilinskii products are valued higher. And this gives the well-known saying “To Tula with his samovar” an entirely different meaning. Later, the factory closed, but the local craftsmen did the samovar until the revolution. A collection of pot-bellied cylinders on his legs today can be admired in the local Museum.

quality ergency never stayed on one thing. More than a hundred years ago we made candles, cooked soap, rolled felt boots (valenki), a professionally sewn leather shoes. Many crafts are not forgotten today: the local master continues to willingly work with metal, wood, wax, leather. A few years ago, rural school girl with her teacher created Nizhneserginsky doll is special, not like the “typical”

Oleg Ryapisov, the head of municipal Union krasnoufimsky district:

67 settlements is conveniently located on the ground Krasnoufimsky district. Keeps people small homeland, and attracts new residents and visitors as the mysterious “place of power”, which, they say, and from infertility cures, and gives a new meaning of life to people with emotional burnout, and gives inspiration to creative individuals. District spread freely – land farmers, vast forests, hills, steppe and rock piles are combined with the three municipalities of the Sverdlovsk region, and Perm territory and Bashkortostan Republic. And the beauty of the Ufa from all sides rush the river with spring water, which was chosen by grayling.

On the territory of the Krasnoufimsky district’s many natural monuments, among which Alikaev stone, known as the Marina Cliff in the film “Shadows disappear at noon”. Many years side by side live on this ze��Le Russian, Tatar and Mari. There was formed a special climate of inter-ethnic neighbourhood. In multinational traditions lay the Foundation for further development of Krasnoufimskiy district in terms of tourism. In the village of Yuva, is a Centre of preservation of traditions of the Mari people, where you talk about the history of the Mari suit, will show national ceremonies and treated with national dishes. And the home of the first samovar and the only monument to commemorate the abolition of serfdom in the village Nizhneserginskom – collected information about old believers and stored household items Kerzhakov. The feast day of the Holy Trinity is celebrated with a special scale! The event stands out and Tatar Sabantuy. You may be invited to walk the yards with a pole and collect offerings to mark the main Muslim holiday. And horse racing is simply breathtaking! Crowns our mass celebrations Day Krasnoufimskiy district, the diversity of rural households who comes to see the many guests. When a difficult time for all of us to pass, come, be happy!