the Right to compensation for payment of housing are invalids, children-invalids, veterans of war and labor. The state partially compensates for the rent to servicemen, families of the dead and the military, Chernobyl, Heroes of the Russian Federation and the Soviet Union, Heroes of Labor, the knights of Glory, teachers, doctors working in rural areas and in towns and so on.

in addition to these individuals and families the right to benefits in housing and utilities have and unsecured segments of the population. The latter receive subsidies in accordance with Russian Federation Government Resolution No. 761 dated 14.12.2005, the Pandemic forced the government to adjust the manner of payment of utility bills.

the Subsidy to poor families and citizens during payment of utility bills issued for 6 months. However, if the grant ends during the period from 01 April until 01 October 2020, this payment is automatically renewed in the same size for six months (resolution of the Government No. 420 from 02.04.2020 g). That is, the subsidy is not granted, namely, that extended. In this period, the people receiving compensation for payment of the home, it is not necessary to collect papers, to fill the statement and to pester the authorized body. The authorities do everything themselves.

But the subsidy calculated in mezzavilla the order can be below the actually put. For example, if the average family income declined, and the documents were not provided because the subsidy was extended automatically. In this case, to recalculate the refunds made to the person of the shortfall.

conversely, if a recipient of compensation by the time of the expiration of subsidies, the situation with incomes has become better and he’s getting the smaller payments to renew, refund of overpaid amounts for the period for which the state has appointed grant mezzavilla the order is not made. The money will remain with citizens, they wouldn’t have to return.

To 01 January 2021, the Government was deprived of the resource-supplying organizations (RSO), operators working with TKO and control the company the right to demand from citizens paying fines, forfeits and penalties (Government Decree No. 424 from 02.04.2020 g).

Accordingly, the provisions of agreements on the provision of public services, which includes paragraphs on payment of penalty fee, fines and penalties are not applied until the end of this year. In addition, Federal authorities have suspended until January 1, 2021 the recovery of penalties for untimely or incomplete payment of housing, utilities and assessments for repairs.

If to 01 January 2021 expiry of the period of the meter calibration, the device is used without testing until that date. The Ministry of construction of the Russian Federation has forbidden to use such cases, the multiplying factors to norms of consumption of housing services (Letter of the Ministry of construction No. 18848-OL/04 of 19.05.2020 g).

in Other words, the Governmentthe government increased the calibration interval of meters. Therefore, routine verification will take place in early 2021. RSO and UK are obliged to take readings of all instruments with expired calibration. Moreover, even those terms that have expired on the date of adoption of Resolution No. 424.

Again, until 01 January 2021, the Government forbade public utilities, RSO and operators of TKO to suspend the provision of utilities with incomplete payment for the owners of these services. Note that in this case we are talking about incomplete or partial non-payment. It turns out that the complete non-payment of RSO and housing still has the right not to provide service, despite the pandemic.