As a national councillor, I got applause and whistles. Also, threats of murder, such as with a shot of ammo. I handed over to the police. So it was part of the deal.

Regularly at four o’clock in the morning, I was geschällt from sleep. As it stopped, I was asking for a fishing circuit. The Spinner said that I would have looked at him in the Tram, but not greeted.

Gorgeous, the kiosk woman responded in Bern. She greeted me always with a Professor. You know the MP, forget your name. “I say to all, Professor.”

As I crossed a Red light, the road, claimed a woman in a very loud voice, “Hubacher, Red also applies to the national councils!” At the train station kiosk in Lucerne, it did a man: “The Lord of the national Council can’t wait until he is.” – “He is”, saved me the seller.

for Two weeks, the packages were in the evening in front of the door. Ordered goods with a fake signature. Crockery and Cutlery for salmon, a Magnum bottle of wine for 920 Swiss francs, a Jazz-trumpet, socks for half a company, underwear for ten years, a medical dictionary and, and, and. Total Value: 30‘000 Swiss Francs. Jeez, a giant gestürm, was down-regulated up everything.

A Maturandin from Wattwil consulted with me for their thesis. This happens to about. Recommended by your grandfather. As most of the time. The father likes me less. I showed up on the screen, he turned off the TV.

The Director from the fashion house of XY called me Massa trains fit in to a social. You’ve been watching me in the train. “Wrong, not looked,” I barked, “with my figure I need but Massa moves!”

day-to-day political wrangling, made me for many of the enemy image. That’s in the past now. My Reputation has risen, as if I had done everything correctly. There is a barrage of compliments. I’m getting better in retrospect, as the SP President. This is the age bonus. I Gastiere in the case of SP-sections, will be Gret, and I picked up often by car and driven home. Instead of the earlier-than-fee-a bottle of wine. Now there are three.

I run as a precaution with the floor. And no longer must stand in the Tram. The people are really nice. I enjoy the age bonus.