What not to miss on TV on the week of February 24-March 1

Revelation closed Director

Guest of the next edition of the program “He and She” – the film Director, twice winner of the state award Nikolay Lebedev. Lebedev has always been considered a man of very charming and quite private. This time in the Studio had a candid conversation with Kira proshutinskaya about the idealism and disappointments that turn an idealist into a realist. On the topic of “emotions” Nikolai told about why as a child he was introverted kid, and whose love helped him with this problem to deal with. For the first time Lebedev told the story of meeting his wife and how moved to Moscow with her teenage daughter, as they lived the first years in the capital. A conversation about leadership, told, how to cope on the set with the outstanding artists and strong personalities.

“TV Center”, February 28, 13:00.

mistakes of the past – present. Photo: courtesy of “Russia 1” Photo: Konstantin Bakharev the Scenery of the film “Heart of Parma” in the suburbs can save for tourists

a New series-romance “Women’s secrets” – on the channel “Russia 1”. The life of its main character Martha measured and prosperous. She works as a psychologist in a prestigious College and wants to marry a loved one. Deciding to help the young student, Julia, is going to get rid of the baby, Martha, remembering the mistakes of his youth, trying to protect her from the fatal step, dare to reveal the truth to the girl’s father. And suddenly meets his first love – Ivan. Marta and Ivan as if fate gives you a second chance at love and trust. But can they forgive each other and forget the mistakes of the past? The fate of Julia? Starring: Valeriya Lanskaya, Prokhor Dubravin, Irina Grisak, Vladimir Nikityuk, Ludmila Zagorskaya and others.

“Russia 1”, 25 February, 21:00

the Mask, I know you!

the Internationally popular format of “The Masked Singer” – now in Russia. NTV is the domestic version of the TV show, created in South Korea. Russian title – “the Mask”. In a vocal duel will meet the 12 stars of domestic show business: singers, actors, entertainers, presenters and athletes. The identity of each is kept in the strictest confidence: no names, no age, no profession – only the voice and costume, individually designed for each participant. The celebrity jury and the audience of NTV is to unravel who is behind the mask? For the manufacture of costumes and masks spent more than five thousand precious stones, tens of meters of the skin, thousands of feathers of various species of birds… it is Known that the jury will be Philip Kirkorov. And the names of his colleagues, the audience will know closer to the premiere.

NTV, March 1, 20.10

the memories of Vladislav Galkin Photo: Sony Pictures Productions and Releasing Russia film week in numbers: “Ice 2” became the highest grossing film of the year 2020 in Russia

the anniversary of the death of Vladislav Galkin NTV will show a documentary by Boris Galkin “It’s this, Vladislav Galkin!”. Sociable, charming and charismatic Vlad could conquer any man with one smile, he still remains one of the favorite actors of millions of Russian television viewers and admirers of Russian cinema. Viewers will see archive footage, will plunge into the atmosphere of life Galkina, find out where he spent his childhood and youth of Vlad, will walk through the corridors of the Shchukin school and hear the memories of the eminent actorin and Directors, journalists and classmates.

NTV, February 25, 00.20

Unrealistic plans South Africa photo: courtesy of NTV

a New draft special NTV correspondent Alexei Pobortsev from the “Secret Africa” – a story about how in the mid 70-ies of XX century Soviet intelligence declassified a secret nuclear weapons development South Africa, and Namibia gained independence. Kalahari is a huge desert in Southern Africa located in South Africa, Namibia and Botswana. In the 70-ies, when the region was rocked by revolution and war, there was built a secret nuclear test site. Scientists of the South African Republic in circumvention of international rules has managed to create several nuclear warheads. It only remained to test, and then South Africa, which was dominated by the apartheid regime, has declared itself as a nuclear power. But it was not true. How did you manage to uncover the secret plans South Africa, why it was necessary to curtail its military nuclear program and to renounce the atomic bomb, and what role was played by Soviet spy, Alexei Kozlov – see the new documentary film from a cycle “Newidea”

NTV, February 24, 23:20

the Creator of the show and benefit Photo: kinopoisk.ru “sonic movie”: Jim Carrey chasing blue furry creature

the 75th anniversary of the birth of Yevgeny Ginzburg, the TV channel “Russia To” program “benefit Yevgenia Ginsburg” from the series “the twentieth CENTURY”. Evgeny Ginzburg Russian audience known as a screenwriter and Director of films “the Isle of lost ships”, “the Merry chronicle dangerous journey”, the Creator of the “Christmas theme”, variety shows and benefit performances of popular artists – Tatiana Doronina, Lyudmila Gurchenko, Larisa Golubkina, Sergei Martinsons Savely CuUmarova, Vera Vasilyeva. In the first part of the program tells what effect produced a musical film Ginzburg’s “Magic lantern”, a broadcast which took place in the dead of night 1976, without prior announcement in the program guide. About the program “Artlite”, true, “Benefit performances” with participation of known Russian actors of theatre and cinema, as well as his difficult creative path in the “years of stagnation” will tell the first part of the program “benefit Evgenia Ginzburg’s” Yevgeny Alexandrovich Ginzburg and the actors Konstantin Raikin, Feodor Chehankov, Gennady Khazanov, Alexander Abdulov, Nikolai Karachentsov. In the second part we will focus on the work of Eugenia Ginzburg’s not only on television but also in cinema. His film debut in 1983 became the musical “Recipe of her youth” with Lyudmila Gurchenko. In the mid-80’s on the screens of the country came the musical “Wedding of jays”, and later the musical “the maid of Rouen nicknamed Doughnut”. In the program take part: Alexander Abdulov, Armen Dzhigarkhanyan, Larisa Golubkina, Julia Rutberg, Igor Ugolnikov.

“Russia”, February 27 and 28, 11:10 (rerun 28 Feb, 19:45)

Example of the Empress Photo: kinopoisk.ru Announced the cast of the second season of “the Witcher”

From 25 to 28 February in the morning and evening air of the channel “Russia K” TV series “Maria Theresia”, which tells about the period of the life of the Empress from adolescence until her coronation. Maria Theresa was the only female ruler of her time, who managed to play three roles. She was an absolute monarch, the mother of sixteen children and a loving wife. It is full of dramatic conflict fate may serve as an example for people of the twenty-first century. Whenand Maria Theresa ascended the throne, she was attacked from all sides, but in three years, earned the respect of the whole of Europe. She was an outstanding politician and diplomat, known in history not only thanks to reforms and changes, but matrimonial policy, which allowed the Habsburgs to intermarry with the leading European powers.

“Russia”, February 25-28, 9:05; 22:15.

a Sign of fate or coincidence

the Investigation of Leonid Zakoshansky is called “Fatal role”. It – about how important acting a taboo in the modern world, and is there a place for superstition in this profession? Guests Zakoshansky is a popular Russian actors will share their stories, which are hard to believe and talk about the role, which became for them fatal. So, death on the screen it is considered bad luck – it is noticed that such roles are fatal to their perpetrators. Is this a sign of fate or a ridiculous coincidence? Most of the older generation of artists up for a specific role go to the grave because of superstition, fearing to bring negative energy into your life. In contrast, actors of the new generation ready to take on virtually any project – is just a matter of price…

“Russia 1”, March 1, 12:05

love Story: like in the movies Photo: Kinokompaniya Volga Director Matteo Garrone spoke about his new film “Pinocchio”

“the Actor’s fate. Got game” is a documentary, which will premiere on the channel “TV Center”. Directors best matchmaker. They can come up with in the movie, a love that played her, I was not able to leave each other. How did Olga Drosdoba refused Swiss fiancé for Pevtsov? Dmitry because she didn’t like. In love with another woman handsome Maxim Matveev did not notice Lisa Boyarskaya. What happened in the film “do Not tell”? Why 17-year-old beauty, Nadir Mirzayev, changed the country and the faith for 52-year-old Director George Yungvald-Khilkevich? What started the love story of Natalia Gvozdikovoy and Yevgeny Zharikov? How to explain that Boris Tokarev fell in love with a woman who cried when he brought her to the registry office? The fate of each of them was a movie that made you forget about everything and start living like a clean slate.

“TV Center”, 27 February, 23:05

still waters run deep under the Paris Photo: courtesy TV-3

TV-3 – premiere detective serial film “Crimson rivers” from the Studio of Luc Besson. The project is based on the bestselling legends of the French detective – Christophe Grange’s about the adventures of a Parisian detective Pierre Nemans. “Crimson rivers” – a new French classic: following the success of the books and two feature films with Jean Reno, Luc Besson’s Studio Europacorp has released a new multi-part project whose main character was played by the master of French cinema, Olivier Marchal (“Naberezhnaya orfevr, 36”, “untouchables”), once began his professional career with the real police. The series “the Crimson rivers” has received good reviews from audiences and press around the world, and in October came the news of its renewal for a second season. On the screens the show starts with the two-part episode “Day of ashes”. Under the collapsed roof timbers during the restoration of the old Church was found the corpse of Samuel Sorrow. Local police said it was an accident, but caused from Paris to Commissioner Nemans on this account a different opinion. The ensuing murder of the Treasurer of the sect of Joseph Reynaud only confirms his assumptions. The Church was stolen part of the old frescoes, and the Nemans are sure to love.Yong, that everything is somehow connected. Someone is trying to destroy the sect. But who and why?

TV-3, February 20 23:00

Whose humour is funnier – male or female Photo: courtesy ТНТ4

Channel ТНТ4 argues that this separation in principle can not be and funny all the same. The difference is rather in the different points of view on things. You can verify this for two weeks from 23 February to 8 March. Just these days in the air – festive special “Men VS Womena”. The residents of Comedy Club believe that even compliments men can see pragmatics: “Why all the compliments towards men is like a call to action? For example, “You’re so generous” – it means something to buy. “You have Golden hands” – anyway something has fallen off”! Women Comedy Woman, on the contrary, are unable to respond to even the pragmatic adage: “Why women have degrading sayings and about men, on the contrary, praising? – outraged Natalya. For example, a woman with a cart – the Mare is easier, the man said – man did. Offer other options: did the deed – walk with the baby, drank with friends, spend the night at them”.

ТНТ4, from 23 February to 8 March at 20:00

Playground photo: courtesy of CTC

Polina Gagarina, rose Sabitova, Timur Rodrigez, Tree, Ekaterina Volkova, Yulianna Karaulova, Mitya Khrustalev, Vlad Topalov, Anfisa Chekhova, Alexei Yagudin, Julia Kovalchuk, Alexander Nezlobin, Eugene papunaishvili and other stars will compete for 500 thousand rubles, the new releases show “it was evening”. Presenter – Michael Schatz. In the second season two star teams under the leadership of captains-the audience will have to explain the words with their hands tied, to guess famous people in children’s drawings, to see the show on the set, so if you love to collect the words with my eyes closed and held other humorouse test. The characters of the show admitted that outside the shooting area love to spend time playing.

STS, 1 Mar, 23:20

How to construct masterpieces johnny Depp presented at the “Berlinale” film “Minamata”

Legendary British presenter Richard Hammond will present a new show about the Grand engineering structures, engineering structures and machines on Discovery Channel. In the new project “Big and Richard Hammond,” he’ll tell about the large-scale structures and designs that capture the imagination. The mission of the Richard – to study these giant technical masterpieces and show how they are arranged. In the first series of project Hammond will travel to Wolfsburg on the largest car plant in the world – Volkswagen. Impressive and futuristic, it is comparable in size to the small territory of the country: it employs 63 thousand employees and 4.2 thousand robots, and a new car rolling off the line every 16 seconds. Visit Richard on Board the largest cargo plane the U.S. air force – a giant, breathtaking C-5M Super Galaxy, which is more than half a century carries vital equipment and humanitarian assistance around the world. Also, Richard Hammond will examine the longest on the underground light rail tunnel and a cargo ship the size of four football fields, ride the secret Elevator hidden inside a giant dam, and fly in a helicopter through the Alps. He investigates the smallest details, discover the “big science”.

Discovery Channel from February 25, Tuesdays at 22:00

“Bull” – on TV

Channel “movie Premiere” for the first time on Russian TV show Russian crime drama “Bull.” The film is set in the “dashing nineties” in a small town. Anton Bykov named “Bull” sarabativet any means to feed his family. Once he gets to the police station, where he helps to escape a crime boss. To pay for their “service”, Anton has, along with his friends to defeat the market controlled by the Caucasian mafia. This initiates a chain of bloody events. “Bull” was the debut directorial feature the work of graduate Cinematography of Boris Akopov. The main role is played by Yuri Borisov (“T-34”, “Union of salvation”, “the Invasion”). The onscreen couple he made Stasia Miloslavskaya (series “90s. Fun and loud”, “Normal woman”). The picture won the main prize of the festival “Kinotavr”-2019, and was awarded “best cinematography”. At the international film festival in Karlovy vary (Czech Republic), “Bull” won the top prize in the competitive section “East from West”.

“movie Premiere”, February 26, 20.30

the Great comedian of the Soviet cinema Photo: youtube.com/ Hulu Released the trailer of the series with Reese Witherspoon “And everywhere smoldering fires”

the 100th anniversary of the birth of the beloved actor – channel OTR – documentary “Two of Glory Alexey Smirnov”. His main character is the great comedian of the Soviet cinema. Remember him for the films “Operation “y” and other Shurik’s adventures”, where he played the unforgettable Fyodor, “Welcome, or no trespassing”, “Striped flight”, “Wedding in Malinovka”, “Aibolit-66”. However, Smirnov wanted to play a big dramatic role in a movie. This dream never came true, because not many people knew that behind the mask of a comedian hiding a thin, delicate man, hero of the great Patriotic war.

NEG, 28 Feb, 07:15.

the Tradition of mercy

the television Show “Active environment” of the channel OTR season starts in the heroes. As told to senior project Ashot Karakhanyan, she will become programsmy about those for whom the little things – the beginning of great change and originality – part formula for success. “The program is no fears, although sometimes people will tell you, is not easy. Let their example will be contagious,” added the leader. Heroes “Active environments” are concerned people, organizations and foundations willing to change and improve the lives – his and others. The authors show how active citizenship helps to revive our traditions of charity. Also, viewers will learn about the most interesting events of the charity, which will be held next week, will get advice, someone to share unnecessary things, where to run to support the Foundation or to devote his time to caring for animals.

the OTP, on February 24, 17:30.