What not to miss on TV during the week from 2 to 8 March

Women’s generosities cinemas and houses of culture received a gift of 2000 films

on the eve of International women’s day all week the TV channel “Russia” documentary series and programs, the protagonists of which were women. For example, from Monday to Thursday daytime documentary series “Indian century” (March 2-5, 15:25). Heroines of the cycle were women politicians, feminists, the scouts and “first lady.” And on 8 March at 17:30 – program from the cycle “the Beauty of the hidden. The history of the lower dresses”, devoted to the world history and evolution of lingerie. The role of the expert and the story is Renata Litvinova. Also in the festive television music program and all of your favorite movies.

“Russia”, March 8, 17:30

the Goddess with the character Photo: youtube.com trailer fantasy series Netflix “Letter to king”

the Television documentary film “Galina Ulanova. Star life goddess” anniversary – 110 years since the birth of the great Russian ballerina. About Galina Ulanova throughout her life spoke exclusively in excellent shape – great, amazing, brilliant. And there was not a single person who would doubt in its uniqueness. She was born during the reign of Nicholas II, departed this life under Yeltsin, and thus all life was a court dancer – she accepted and was welcomed with any authority. And it seems, her whole life was in sight. However… everyone knows only the truth, what they wanted Galina. It was difficult to find a more private person than Ulanov. Many secrets she literally took.

“TV Center”, March 8, 23:10

Stars for your beloved

NTV is a television version of the festive spring concert “All stars for the beloved”, which became a good tradition to celebrate the International women’s day. On the stage of the State Kremlin Palace – Alexey Vorobyov, Alsu, Nikolay Baskov, Lev Leshchenko, Grigory Leps, A’studio, Loboda, MBAND, Ani, Artik & Asti and many others.

NTV, March 7, 23:30

Kids create cartoons Photo: courtesy TV-3

Leading the new children’s show “Drawing tales” on channel TV-3 – Viktor Vasiliev, a former resident of Comedy Club and captain of the KVN team “team of St. Petersburg”, a successful Comedy actor (“8 first dates”, “Christmas Tree shaggy”), popular presenter, who worked on the First channel, TNT, “Friday” and other channels, and is the father of 6-year-old daughter Veronica, who was born to him in a happy marriage with actress Anne of Snacking. In every issue of the little party at the age of 5-7 years comes up with their own magical story, and the adults help to animate it right in front of the guests of the show and viewers. The issue lasts 15 minutes, including 3-4 minutes ready is a cartoon created by a child.

TV-3, March 7, 9:30

Night’s watch

On 2 March in the night air of the TV channel “Moscow 24” there is a new infotainment program “the Night shift”. Promise that it will become a new platform for discussion of all modern cultural trends. With the interest of “the Night shift” is not restricted to Moscow. Authors and presenters will discuss topical events and phenomena that occurred in the world, ranging from those that form the semantic and artistic environment (opening of the Berlinale; bidding at the auction “Sotheby’s”), ending with those that relate to public life and the lay directions of the development of civilization in the years ahead (the introduction of feminities, the emergence of the web series and others). Format progrAmma involves interaction with the audience. It and watch live broadcasts of important events from social networking, what is happening in the moment, and leading communication with the audience and experts live.

“Moscow 24” with 2 Mar, 00:15

View Vladislav Opeliants Photo: youtube.com Released a teaser of the series “Maelstrom” from the Director of “La La land” Casella

Over the five-year “life” of the program “My hero” on the channel “TV Center” in the Studio for the first time the operator – Vladislav opelyants, who directed such films as “the State Counsellor”, “12”, “Poddubny”, “sunstroke”, “Summer “Self” and others. The love of beautiful frame, a moment of Vladislav’s father Yuri in the same statement, however, is television. And that dad was the first mentor Vlad in the operator. Your career path Vladislav started with commercials and music videos, many of which took by Fyodor Bondarchuk. On account of Opulance work with Alla Pugacheva, Zemfira, Lagutenko, Ilya, Julia, Valery Meladze, etc. and I have started a real movie. Debut film – “midlife Crisis” by Garik Sukachev. A separate Chapter in the life of Vlad – work with Nikita Mikhalkov. They met on the set of the movie “the State Counsellor” by Philip Yankovsky, where Nikita has played the role of General Pozharsky. Then the appellants worked with Mikhalkov-the Director on the films “12”, two parts “Burnt by the sun-2”, “sunstroke”. How to be a good operator? Why he believes that to remove the ads and video clips useful? What they say about him, Fyodor Bondarchuk, Renata Litvinova? About this and not only can you learn from the release of the software.

“TV Center”, March 2, 13:40.

Trigonometry of love

Premiere of the documentary film “Acting drama. High, high!” – on the channel “TV Center”. After the movie “the Pokrovskie gate”, and the phrase “high-ratio” came to mean a situation in which couples actually agreed with the presence of a third. Could there be happy people in such families? The authors broke the picture into several chapters, each of which is devoted to “geometric figure”, which – coincidentally or not – emerges in the lives of the characters. Because often even the most popular actors had to portray such a movie and on stage, but also to lead a double life. Unusual, out of the General ideas about the propriety of the relationship is told in the film, has always been a morbid curiosity of others and has been a topic for gossip and discussion. But the road to happiness all make themselves. And sometimes the right path is found, only by destroying the established someone barriers. Lydia Smirnova, Valery Zolotukhin, Georgy Vitsin, Yevgeny Morgunov, Rostislav Plyatt, Erast Garin, each of them had its own complicated love story in which they had to maneuver between the new relationships and the old obligations, but each of them was able to get out of a confusing situation. Participants of the film: Yevgeny Steblov, Elena Sanaeva, Vera Vasilyeva, Svetlana Svetlichnaya, Natalya Varley, Irina Muravieva, Vyacheslav Spesivtsev, Nikolai Lebedev, Emil wernick, and others.

“TV Center”, 5 Mar, 23:05

Maxim Averin: “I am not a gift” Photo: Cosmopol-Film / courtesy of the press service of the Berlin festival Berlinale completed with the victory of the Iranian film

Honored artist of Russia, theater and film actor, singer, film Director and TV host Maxim Averin – guest Kira proshutinskaya in the program “He and She”. The program comes on the eve of March 8. But does the actor himself himself a gift, asked Kira Proshutinskaya? “I’m not a present for their loved ones,” said Averin. Why? Who is harder to play – the villain or the hero? How his parents met and why they broke up? Him if he watches movies and TV shows with her participation? Who taught him how to run properly in the movie? On the work with Ludmila Gurchenko – on this and the other Averin will tell in the program. Here is just one quote: “I’m jealous. I’m being selfish. But it is in the power of professional skill. I have to be selfish, or around me a huge amount of ways to lose”.

“TV Center”, March 6, 13:00

clash of clans

“Russia” – the second season of the documentary “the Real war of thrones”. The continuation of the epic Saga of rival European dynasties. covers historical period, marked by wars on religious grounds and clashes between Protestants and Catholics. The series ends with the ratification of the edict of Nantes, which laid the foundations of the principles of religious freedom and tolerance, the development of these ideas then occurred in the age of Enlightenment. Next week four movie series: March 2 – “the Game of Queens. 1542-1559”, March 3 – “In the name of the Lord. 1559-1561”, March 4 – “Europe ignited. 1561-1569”, March 5 – “blood wedding. 1567-1574”. During the week of March 9 – the remaining 2 in the series “Brothers-enemies. 1575-1584” and “the end of the Valois dynasty. 1584-1594”.

“Russia”, March 2-8, 20:45 minutes (repeats 7:35)

Three girls homicideFrame from the movie “Hook”. Photo: kinopoisk.ru

Spike TV will present the premiere of the canadian series “the Clue” – from the creators of “Gossip girl.” The genre is – crime drama, the main characters catoroy – three girls from the homicide Department of the state of new York. In the story the heroine of the series working together with the police. Each of them is unique: Fiona is a Manager with a great reputation for which it is often necessary to sacrifice personal life. Stevie is a hard – working and responsible employee and a doting mother who along with a career trying to pay attention to families and children. And finally, Jacqueline is the most energetic, but the most temperamental and hot-headed of them all. A “hook” – the show not only about science, but a drama about female friendship and mutual assistance. On the show was That Grant, the Director of the series “Steel star” with Tim Roth in the title role and Sara Goodman, writer of “Gossip girl” with Blake lively in the lead role.

Spike, from 2 March, 17:45