What not to miss on TV and online in the week from 16 to 22 March

The ataman, Cossack, the singer

on 19 March 70 years Nadezhda Babkina celebrates its anniversary. The documentary “Hope Babkin “If in the pool, then head” – on the First channel on March 21 at 13:15.

She often said to herself: “I am a simple Russian woman”… But is it that simple really? What lies behind the image of the Cossacks and the old robber-woman? And do you have this strong woman’s weaknesses? Especially for a film Babkina took a series of videoself of “offscreen life”. For example, as cooks pancakes at Villa – no makeup in a Bathrobe. And the audience will see behind the scenes of the popular program “Fashion verdict”, where Babkina last 10 years working as a co-host. The film tells about the private life of Nadezhda Babkina. When she met Eugenia Gore, she was 53 and he was 23. The working relationship developed into a personal. What really happens to couples? Officially married Nadezhda Babkina was the only time for Vladimir Zasedateleva, drummer for the popular ensemble “leisya, pesnya”. Son of Hope Bonner, Daniel, in the footsteps of their parents go. Received a law degree, now he owns his own business. In 2007, he married a girl Tatiana.

In the film, an interview with Danilo and Tatiana, show and three grandchildren, in which the singer doted. Lately her house was the theater of Russian song. The singer has created it in 2000-m to year. Now it is a large multipurpose center.

the Anniversary concert of Nadezhda Babkina – on the same day, after the movie.

the First channel, March 21, 13:15, 14:15

Plans for millions

the New series “Step from heaven” – on the channel “Russia 1”.

This is the story of the ordinary family of Potapovich, whose members can’t afford a lot of what secretly dream of, but they live quite amicably. Once they win the lottery a large sum of money – 99 million rubles. Now the lucky ones will realize all your dreams: the rich partying, cars, mansions, and fancy parties. But something is changing, soul cerstveUte, and the gap between loved ones is growing rapidly. But it seemed that they were only a step away from Paradise, not knowing, what not in money happiness…

In roles: Maria Mironov, Yaroslav Boyko, Igor Bochkin, Nadezhda Markina and others.

“Russia 1”, March 16, 21.00

Fearless Lev Durov

a New documentary “Lev Durov. The labors of Hercules” on the channel “TV Center”.

whatever you told about yourself that people around roared with laughter, seeing as Hochma. But he never lied. “I have a height of Hercules, – stated the artist, which was 1 metre 60 cm – Small size – is the height of the winner.”

Photo: courtesy the First channel How Serb Milos Bikovich accustomed to the role of Muslim Magomayev

Fearless and indomitable Lev Durov… And what else could be a direct descendant of the cavalry maiden Hope Durov? In the movie the actor under three hundred works – mostly anecdotal or second plan. But the young actor is still always stood out among the tall handsome partner. The smile his agent Klaus in “Seventeen moments of spring” the audience goose bumps were back. The true essence of the actor saw Yungvald-Khilkevich, inviting the role of captain of the Musketeers de Treville. Already being seriously ill, he continued to play. “Not died in any way” – bitterly joked the actor.

In the film are: Ekaterina Durova (last interview), Alexander Shirvindt, Aleksandr Rozenbaum, Leonid Kanevsky, Maxim Nikulin, Yuli Gusman, Irina Pechernikova, Raisa Ryazanov, Nikolai Fomenko and others.

“TV Center”, March 22, 09:45


Action-Packed drama “Prospectus defense” – premiere on the NTV channel.

Denis Astakhov, an ambitious young fighter, in the eyes of his father Alexander, his wife Natasha and brother Valentin gets involved in a fight ncanone important battle for the title of champion of Saint-Petersburg. The Federation decides to postpone the fight. To resolve the situation can only bribe sports officials and the intervention of Sergeyevich, a sponsor of boxer Oleg Volk, with whom he had to step into the ring Denis. To raise the necessary funds, the father sends the son to participate in commercial battles. Astakhov-the senior doesn’t know that Denis is there given only the role of extras. And Denis used to win, not to lose the order in the third round. But the challenge of Denis lies ahead: he learns that his father and beloved wife – lovers.

starring: Victoria Romanenko, Oleg Fomin, Roman Curtin, Makar Zaporozhye, Elena Rufanova, Kirill Polukhin, Marina Damenia, Sergey Kolos, and others.

NTV, March 18, 21.00

the Musicians, unite!

In the broadcast channel “Russia-Culture” – the TV shows with the XIII international Winter arts festival of Yuri Bashmet in Sochi, which took place from 12 to 23 February.

In the days of the festival all the top events were available for online broadcast on TV channel “Russia K”, and now viewers will be able to see the TV version of these shows. 16 Mar, 17:10 – Solemn opening of the festival . A gala concert was held on 13 February at the Winter theatre of Sochi. Yuri Bashmet presented at the parade. Participants: Xiao Xiangping, Ksenia Bashmet, chamber ensemble “Soloists of Moscow” Olga Kulchinskaya, Freddy Cadena, Clara Jumi Kang and the all-Russian Youth Symphony orchestra. March 17 – live world premiere of the choral Opera by Alexander Tchaikovsky’s “the Tale of Boris and Gleb, their brother Yaroslav the Wise and Svyatopolk the Accursed, of dashing rogues and the good Russian people”. The role of Yaroslav the Wise, Andrey Merzlikin.

March 18 – fragments from the Opera “the Barber of Seville” and “the Turk in Italy” by Rossini, “Norma” Bellini, “Mary Stuart”, “Roberto Devereux”, “Anna Bolena”, “Lucia di Lammermoor”, “Favorite” by Donizetti, and “don Carlos” by Verdi will be performed by outstanding soloists mworld of Opera. March 19, in the program – the Baroque orchestra La Magnifica Comunita. The concert program reflects the stages of the journey of Marco Polo. You will hear fragments of operas of composers of the XVIII century on the Eastern plots. The arias will be performed by the star of Baroque Opera Raffaella Milanesi. March 20 – the final concert of the XIII international Winter festival of arts. Will include works by composers from different countries, generations and styles, including three world premieres.

“Russia K”, from 16 to 20 March, 17:10 (20 Mar, 16:55)

love Story

Channel Dомашний in March, welcomes its fifteenth anniversary. “When you’re fifteen, so I want to share all your feelings, emotions and, of course, constantly talk about love” – as explained on channel the fact that again it runs the “factory of the melodramas”.

it Opens March 16, 4-a serial film of its own production channel “Love of the father and the son.” The main character – the student of Irina (Kseniya Guseva). But Irina’s heart is silent until then, until it is found in the self-defense classes with a charismatic coach Alexei (Alexei Matoshin). Fifteen years difference do not confuse the Ira, and here it is already deep in love. But Aleksei had other plans for life. Trying to heal the wounds, Ira begins to communicate with the son Alexey Maxim (Arthur Copalnic), who trains at the same club. And now, the Ira itself does not understand which of the two she needed.

March 17, premiere will continue the line of the detective melodrama “Guardian” is a story of a dentist Alexey Frolov (Alexei Morozov), which is accidentally knocked onto the road known TV presenter Anna. While the woman is in the hospital and has not regained consciousness, Frolov in atonement decides to take custody of her young son.

on March 18 Dомашнем premiere of the action-painting “Living water”. Figure skating coach Olga (Olga Pavlovets) fights with her husband. He does not want to live in the capital, preferring farm in the province. Olga frombe proved to move, and the husband leaves alone. And soon comes the black the news he died. Olga flies to the village and into the dangerous tangle of intrigue. It only helps the hermit Sergei (Viktor Loginov).

Photo credit: Ekaterina Chesnokova / RIA Novosti Alexander Tsypkin and Dmitry Glukhovsky will make the first series

March 19 – in the air of the romantic melodrama, “what don’t tell river.” Social climber Helen (Lyanka Grau) on the instructions of his superiors is sent to the sawmill in a remote area. She had to convince Director Andrei (Yevgeny Oleynik) in need of change. He is strongly opposed.

March 20, viewers will find extremely topical melodrama “the Mother of my daughter”: the story of two friends who have different life. Dasha (Eugene Rozanov) a child dies, abandoning her husband and she has to work as a nanny for her best friend Oli (Ekaterina Varchenko). However, gradually penetrating into the secrets of the house, Dasha understands that all her troubles are the culprit.

Dомашний, 16 March, 19.00

Cakes and cookies

“championship of young bakers” – the TLC channel.

Eight young talented kids selected across the country, become applicants for a rank “champion of pastries” among children. Hosts and judges Duff Goldman and Valerie Bertinelli lead such a talented young participants in the trials intended to find the most impressive and creative Baker. At stake: the kitchen for bakers, promotion in professional media and prize Fund in the amount of $ 10,000.

TLC, 17 March 13:40

the time has Come for councils

the New edition of “Mysteries of the cathedrals” will tell about the best architectural masterpieces in the entire history of Christianity.

At all times the construction of cathedrals was a matter of the most talented architects, engineers and artists. In UKthe decision did not spare them of the wealth of all the rulers of the world. This passion for creativity reached its apogee in the middle Ages with the emergence of Gothic cathedrals, incredibly combines the architecture of stone and glass. For 150 years the builders of the cathedrals treated, carved and laid the stones more than the Egyptians for millennia. The era of endless possibilities, the triumph of competition, innovation, intrigue, lust for power and drama.

365 days of TV, March 16, 20:00

New Park

the long-Awaited third season of the American TV series “Westworld” Westworld will be available by subscription Kinopoisk+Amediateka the day after the world premiere, which will take place on March 15.

“the Wild West” – a multiple nominee of the awards a Golden globe, Emmy and screen actors Guild USA. In the third season of the futuristic epic the creators promise to impress the audience new Park dedicated to world war II. In the cast is also an interesting addition – Aaron Paul, best known for playing Jesse Pinkman in the series breaking bad. Also the project was joined by Vincent Cassel, who will play, of course, the villain. Among other things, the new season consists of eight episodes instead of the usual ten.

Kinopoisk HD and Amediateka, March 16

America is in Alliance with the Third Reich

Mini-series based on the book by Philip Roth “the Plot against America” (The Plot against America) ) – from the great show-run of David Simon (“the Wire”, “Two”).

With the wingspan of a great movie “the Plot against America” will talk about an alternative American history where the presidential election of 1940, Franklin Roosevelt loses. The power comes Aviator and populist Charles Lindbergh, who makes a Pact with the Third Reich. The eyes of an ordinary Jewish family from new Jersey viewers will see the growth of anti-Semitism, xenophobia and the imposition of the Americans and Nazi ideas. Starring – Winona Ryder, Zoe Kazan and John Turturro.

Amediateka, from March 17 –

the aftermath of the financial disaster

“Black Monday” – the fire withArial Seth Rogen about the collapse of the American dream back. The second season online Amediateka.

a veteran of the trading industry Mo temporarily falls to the bottom: you have to survive the consequences of the global financial disaster that crowned the first season. However, the king of money-laundering cannot stay long out of the game, especially when ex-partners threw a serious activity.

Amediateka, from March 16