Craig Malkin: On the scale of the Tests that I have developed, I am in a healthy range. The urge to see themselves as something Special, is in each of us. We all want to stand out from the seven billion on earth.

It makes us more optimistic and helps us to better with failure, deal with it. Healthy narcissism does not mean that one puts his ambitions over his relationships. Not even if you, like I used to.

I didn’t like it, to feel a part of something Special, and was concerned that it was my mother well.

From my Childhood, I have you as a loving, caring Person in memory. With age up to her death, she was always critical of me, made me down and behind all what I did asked.

My mother was abused as a child. Thus, she lost the confidence to be able to other people leave. Like all extreme narcissists, she was afraid of emotions and dependencies that arise in relationships. The feeling that people can be there for you, knew you. She sat alone to feel through their looks and their charm as something Special. The less you got, the more unbearable it was.

When my father died, and she began to squander tons of money. I helped her to move into a smaller apartment, they pulled the First Designer Heels would strut around and said: “So, now I feel well again.” It was her way of not feeling sad and lonely.

of Course! Only that my mother had become addicted to the feeling, to feel something Special. Only then narcissism is starting to be unhealthy. My mother was a alcoholic who does everything for a Drink.

people who suffer from it, manipulate others mercilessly for their needs. They believe that the world is guilty of something and you must bow. At the same time, they know no empathy and are so obsessed with their own needs, that they are deaf and blind to what other people feel. In the worst case, they go over dead bodies.

The extreme cases to fall at the most. But also weaker forms cause quite a stir. Public figures like Donald Trump perpetuate the stereotype of the loud, flashy, extroverted narcissists. But there are also quiet types that look nothing from, fame and money make.

He always feels as the only misunderstood Person in the room. There are also the so-called social narcissists. He says things like: “I’m the helpful. the most Person I know.”

Social Media channels with your huge audience, a Paradise for extroverted narcissists. In small groups, for example, in the daily work, you take the lead. Everyone likes you in the first two or three sessions, then you often lose quickly their attraction.

If you set it in its social life only to generate as many Likes, it gets problematic. Because even with this sense of confirmation may be Looking for. As a person who is able to maintain simultaneously real relationships, not happening.

I don’t know these cases. What I know: Unhealthy narcissistic people commit more often suicide or remember to do it.

you don’t build a Image without sense of themselves as lovable. If it falls, you have in your eyes sometimes, nothing more, for what it’s worth to live for.

It is of advantage to feel a part of something Special, if you lead a huge company or a whole country is governed. It helps the pressure. It is important that you are not ready, if you create something the way you intended. But his expectations of himself adapts to. Extreme narcissists don’t do that.

Because you are convinced to lose their Power, never, no matter what risks you take or what is happening around you. In the financial sector or other sectors subject to strong fluctuations, of this lack of flexibility with devastating consequences. This is why many extreme narcissists fail and tear often equal to a whole company into the abyss.

1. You can be extremely charming, invest a lot in their appearance and are experts themselves in the most effective way out of the brush.

2. You are at the beginning of a relationship is very sensitive – but as soon as problems occur, the concern, the empathy.

3. They point in a relationship consistently of how similar we are with each other. This gives you the special feeling, to have a kind of twin as a friend.

4. You don’t like to ask for things. They prefer to surprise you by popping up, for example, spontaneously with gifts.

5. They put her on a pedestal because you feel special when you are together with someone Special.

you have to, the pain others endure