What kind of business can be bought for a couple million

the most Expensive sold a business in Rostov-on-don – nearly 4.3 million rubles. For such money it was possible to purchase a construction business. On the second and third lines are located in Moscow and Samara – an average of more than 4 million rubles. The best lots were exhibited in Ulyanovsk – in an average of 1.3 million rubles, and also in Omsk and Chelyabinsk. This amount the real total was to acquire business in the field of trade, for example, ready to shop.

Photo: Sergey Savostyanov/TASS ASI has proposed the government to recognise the coronavirus force Majorana the Urals business from the ravages of the pandemic, to get the conclusion on force majeure

Active entrepreneurs were interested in buying online stores, the interest in them increased by 5%. You buy them on average can be had for 521 thousand rubles. The most expensive proposals were agricultural companies with an average cost of 11 million rubles for the year, they rose by 4%.

the demand for the purchase of ready business over the past year, rose 4%, of the greatest interest to companies in the service sector, trade enterprises and public catering. In the whole country operating businesses of steel to sell for 10% more than in 2018.

Photo: Igor Ageenko/RIA Novosti In the Samara region will introduce additional measures of support for business

According to experts, to treat such ads be very careful. For the best offer can be a company with the deceased in the negative income. As told “RG” the member of the investments Committee of the national publicorganization “Support of Russia” Timur TES, about 80% of the ads on the sale of businesses can be classified as unprofitable. Sale of business is often linked with the desire to shift the financial problems on someone else’s shoulders. The amount of liabilities may exceed the profitability of the business.

For a good investment, according to Timur Planks include the purchase of ready business with a unique asset. For example, when talking about the acquisition of rights or patents. In most case, before buying the business, experts suggest to carry out financial, marketing and technical audit.