My new car has a lot of modern assistance systems and with draws sometimes even. What is the benefit to me?
M. Rüegg, Lucerne

more and more cars with driving assistance systems. You are supposed to make driving safer. New evasive wizard, the intervention in the steering system “are”.

emergency braking and evasive wizard in the Test

The TCS, and the Advisory centre for accident prevention bfu have examined how reliably emergency brake assist systems to prevent the arrival on a standing car or a pedestrian. At the same time, it was examined whether avoidance assistant in abrupt evasive manoeuvres, is a valuable aid. Here, TCS and bfu tested the systems in the BMW 5 series with all-wheel drive, the Volvo XC40 with all-wheel drive and the Ford Focus.

Shared results

The Test has shown that Emergency brake assist can reduce the impact even without the Intervention of the handlebars or even prevent it. Evasive wizard, however, work only if the Arm mitlenkt during the entire lane change maneuver is active.

false sense of security

Basically, driving assistance systems provide more safety, when the Handlebar is fully focused on the road. It is in giving, however, a false sense of security, risking dangerous situations. As its Name says, is to help the wizard to the driver, but not the labor to remove it. Your function can be restricted, for example through fog, wet or snow. Therefore, the wizard will take the driver from a legal point of view, not from the responsibility.

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