The South Beach diet sounds like sun, beach, Florida, and a tight bikini figure. Stars like Beyonce swear by the diet trend of the cardiologist Arthur Agatston. The doctor is different in his diet between good (plant-based) and bad (tierieschen) fats and the right and wrong carbohydrates. It should only be consumed in such carbohydrates, the blood sugar levels slowly rise, such as beans.

such As the South Beach diet is?

An important role in this diet, the Glycemic Index of foods plays. In contrast to the low-carb diets such as the Atkins diet, the South Beach diet, certain Kohlenhydraen. Equally important, fats, the kind and quality are just as important as their quantity.

The history of the South Beach diet

The diet is divided into three phases: In the first and strictest Phase of the wrong carbohydrates, such as Pasta or potatoes are prohibited. In Phase two, certain carbohydrates are allowed back. In Phase three, the target weight should be reached. Now, it is important to consider this and not to fall into old eating habits. Daily, three main meals and three Snacks spread throughout the day. The portions to be so large that the Hunger is assuaged.

In the first Phase, almost all of the carbohydrates such as bread, pastries, Pasta, rice, potatoes, sugar, and fruit and vegetables are not allowed with a high Sugar content and this Phase should last at least 14 days. After that, some carbohydrate must foods with a low Glycemic Index (e.g. whole-grain products, vegetables and fruits) in the dining plan added. Forbidden to remain Katoffeln, white bread or sweets.

thanks to this change, you can victim in the first stages of weight fast. Phase 3 is used, therefore, to keep the weight off. The danger in the end is not again increase to very high, because Phase three is defined, what exactly should be eaten and how a balanced diet looks like.

is What is allowed and what is forbidden?

foods with a low glycemic Index are allowed. The Index shows the effect of foods on blood sugar levels. A high value is good and means that the body digests the carbohydrates in a food fast.
Strengths: Lots of vegetables, fruits and whole grain products.
weaknesses: The food-consuming in the preparation. To restrictive restriction of carbohydrates.
rating: recommended

What count speaks for it: No calories;On the menu there are a lot of vegetables, fruits, fish and lean meat, Good fats are not excluded.You can lose weight quickly. What speaks against it: eating out is a big challenge, especially in the first few weeks;Due to waiver of legumes and wholegrain products may lead to a deficit in dietary fiber, which has a negative effect on the digestion; sports and Fitness are not integrated in the diet plan;After the rapid decline in the dropout risk of the diet and the yo-yo effect-the risk is on the rise. The really best 24 removable tips for everyday life

lose weight without the right diet: We show you pointed to really succeed. Our tips for losing weight will help to look for you on healthy nutrition in everyday life and to change your Fitness habits.

So you take with the Keto-diet

Quick and easy to remove – the ketogenic diet promises. The diet, however, is much more than just a faster way to a bikini figure. With almost a complete carbohydrate deprivation also diseases such as epilepsy are treated.

The best weight-loss concepts in Check

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