What is the motorist does not know this: Although we had managed to get in front of the Badi, the last Parking space in the shadow, is the car in the wet cooling in the sun. The Only thing that atmosphere helps against the Sauna-through ventilation and the air conditioning is turn on (here’s our guide to air-conditioner setting).

heat is not a security risk

But what is the impact of the heat wave, has it? actually on the battery performance of the always gefragteren electric cars The manufacturers give the all-clear signal For the batteries to high temperatures does not constitute a security risk, because the batteries in the underbody, never direct sun radiation, will affect the range significantly. According to the US-traffic club AAA, the range is reduced at an outdoor temperature of 35 degrees to an average of four percent.

electric cars precooling

of Course, the air conditioner eats up electricity – not only in the case of E-Mobile, but also in the case of cars with internal combustion engine. Experts speak of 10 to 15 percent more consumption. E-cars but at a charging station, such as on a public Parking lot, you have to Burners a distinct advantage: you can cool the interior by means of Preconditioning before the Start of pleasant temperatures, without compromising the range.

Much larger than the influence of heat on the battery performance winter grades available Minus. According to AAA, this can reduce the range by up to 50 percent. But we are located in the flat country at the Moment, almost 40 degrees …