“in order to choose the antivirus, users need to perform, how much they are willing to spend money on a security solution, whether they kept valuable data on their device, what the device. Based on this, they need to see what all needed features are available in different products”, says Luis Corrons, security Evangelist Avast.

Standalone basic antivirus protects users from malware and may include a few extra features. A comprehensive set of security includes a wider range of additional functions and tools. According to the expert before taking a decision on buying antivirus, you must see the reviews online, check the test results from various independent organizations and then choose whether the antivirus free or paid.

“Free anti-virus software can be good. The paid and free antiviruses use the same antivirus engine in all major products to ensure your PC security,” concludes Corrons.

If the users who choose antivirus for your home computer, you can use the free version, then it is important for companies to get technical support from the developer: “For businesses the important point is the lack of technical support in the free versions, explains Alfred Gazizov, system analyst at Cross Technologies. Otherwise if you encounter problems with the product, hope it will be possible only on the internal company specialists. From this we can conclude that the business to be considered free software should not be”.

the expert explained that the paid antivirus software provide greater functionality – for example, spam protection, personal firewall or parental controls to ensure the safety of children on the world wide web. “You have more control over your personal data and increase the reliability of protection of such sensitive online activities like banking,” concludes Andrei Golovin, Director of information security Department Oberon.