The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has set Tuesday afternoon, confirmed that the Olympic Games this summer in the Japanese capital Tokyo, 24 July-9 August), because of the coronacrisis have been postponed until next year. The decision puts an end to weeks of uncertainty about the occurrence or non-occurrence of a global event this year. As a summary, which will be launched in september 2013, when the international olympic committee for the Games of the Tokyo accord.

. September 7, 2013: , the international olympic committee points out that the Games of 2020 in Tokyo, japan, that will take precedence over Istanbul and Madrid.

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. July 23rd, 2019: of one year prior to the start of the Games to Tokyo, there are already nearly ready to go. Almost all of the sports facilities are to be determined.

. January 16, 2020: , the first infected with corona virus in Japan, and will come out in the following days there will be more and more.

. 5 February: , the chairman of the Japanese organising committee speaks to his concern.

. February 25th: , the Japanese minister of Health, says it’s too early to talk about the cancellation of the Games.

. March 3: , the IOC should encourage, in a statement, all of the athletes, in order to continue with their preparations.

. March 4: in Japan are speculating about a possible cancellation of the Games have been refuted. “This is a total lack of consideration for us,” said the president of the local organization.

. 12 march: of the day, that is, in the Greek Olympia, during a sober ceremony, the olympic flame is lit, calling to the governor of Tokyo in the event of cancellation of the Play “unthinkable”.

Photo: AFP < / P> . March 13: estafetteoptocht of the flame through Greece, as a precaution, broken, out of fear that there will be a lot of people to come.

. March 17: , after consulting with the concerned international sports federations, repeat with the MINISTRY and the message of the Play to continue. The kwalificatieopties need to be modified.

. March 18: international olympic committee president Thomas Bach, highlighted in a video conference with more than 200 representatives of the athletes and their needs at the forefront.

Photo: AFP < / P> . March 19: , the organizing committee of the Tokyo 2020 is receiving, in Athens, the people, the congregation. As a member of the board of the Japanese Olympic Committee calling for the postponement of the Games.

. March 20: of the Bach, says that the postponement of the Games at the moment “too soon” would be. He acknowledges, however, that the international olympic committee, various scenarios to ponder.

. 21 march: is a global sportersvakbond WPA calls on the international olympic committee in order to consider the Games to be postponed.

. March 22: , The international olympic committee said for the first time, to examine whether the deferral is possible. The committee will, within 4 weeks of a decision to make.

. March 23rd: for example, if the first nation says the Canada Games of the year as they are this summer, go on and soon more and more countries. It is a prominent international olympic committee member Dick Pound says the Games will be postponed.

. March 24th: : Japanese prime minister shinzo Abe, and the IOC chief Bach acts as a call to Play for a year.

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