this online spoke at the “round table” in the “RG” the leading representatives of domestic show-business: Yevgeny Kiselyov, General Director “Media holding”, responsible for the festival “Invasion”; Andrey Klyukin – founder and producer of the “Wild Mint” (open-air, which comes to most foreign artists); Maria semushkina – General Director of “festival” (the largest open-air Russia, with an emphasis on jazz) and the leader of the “mummy Troll” Ilya Lagutenko – along the way, the Creator and producer of the most remote from all the capitals of rock festival V-ROX.

I am confident that in 2021 everything will be back to the usual mode. Maybe not 100%, since all promoters have suffered and continue to suffer huge losses. For example, our company, on the one hand, over the last three months have not earned a penny, and on the other we no one was fired and sent to a free vacation. What to do now? To work. To communicate with partners and find new patterns of interaction. And yet in difficult times we have appeared new forms of communication with the audience. For example, we opened a YouTube channel “MINT MUSIC HOME” where people come a new generation of artists and share their music.

– would we Return to the situation that existed before the Covid-19, and will return if at all – is unclear. Perhaps market is waiting for a spectacular global changes. Now obviously the following: the limitations imposed by the epidemic has seriously affected the country’s economy and people’s lives. And we estimate the reduction in audience attending the event, in relation to two main factors: due to their financial instability and concerns attend public events. But I think that within a year economic problems stabiliziruemost and the live entertainment industry again will go to growth. What “Invasion”? Over time we have developed a loyal audience of viewers. Yes, while we wait for the epidemiological threat has passed. And then I’m going to launch a new program for the audience, providing them with more privileges and extra bonuses not only on the festival field, but also outside it.

– We communicate with fellow musicians from different countries, including those where the virus has the best results, such as Japan, Taiwan, South Korea. However, neither one of them do not even talk about the concert industry revived in its previous form. The prospect of staying with your music in the online world forever I personally not very pretty. But, in my opinion, this is the coming future for us. Have a lot of thinking about how to save our crashed “Gastrolery ship”. But first you need to swim to the nearest, though uninhabited, island and start there with a clean slate. I’m talking about the V-ROX 2020, which will be held in the virtual space at the site VK. The musicians, predominantly��VNOM foreign, will play their sets and then tell me about how the isolation in their countries and what they plan to do next. Will sing and our from the Far East, as well as from Yekaterinburg and Moscow.

Well, what we all do next, how to save the entertainment industry? I think it’s time to think about the system support for independent musicians. I know that some countries support their engaged or the state, or a special private funds. Somewhere already there was a campaign on crowdfunding idle clubs and concert halls.

– We are going through this experience for the first time, and the world. I think the structure of the festivals will be restored by next year, but in autumn will be held the first concerts. Of course, will not be easy: if to plant or put people from each other at a distance of two meters, the industry will be completely destroyed, it will have to sell less tickets and make the event profitable. Let’s wait for the development of a vaccine, otherwise, show business can not exist in the normal form. Very useful would be support of the state. Or came in very handy would be the support of patrons, investors, large companies. Perhaps someone present time, prompted to think about some new charity and support those who have mission of good things.

I Hope that the festival “Usadba Jazz” applies to such projects. We’ve a 17-year-old history and a long list of musicians, opened the festival, a special atmosphere and impeccable reputation. Now my team is developing a new online festival to open a new direction that will work in the future. Want to unite the world, to highlight the genres and show absolutely extraordinary musicians who are, for example, in Africa or Latin America.

Good music should not go into quarantine.