the Hindu would have to be! Then you would have a dip in the Ganges is the bliss for the Beyond already in the bag. In these days, the Kumbh Mela took place in the Northern Indian city of Allahabad, is the largest pilgrimage in the world. The dimensions are almost unimaginable: During the 48-day giant party of about 120 million people come to the Ganges, on peak days, 30 million people gather here at the same time – and together they go for a swim.

What are Sadhus?

The religious Festival attracts but only the faithful, but also about a Million tourists. The most popular photo subject, the Sadhus are ascetics, the naked into the waters rise, and then with ash RUB. What is it about? In Hinduism one believes in rebirth and Karma, the credit account of our evil and bad deeds that determines how it goes with us after death. Good people are born as a human again, poor as a toad, worm and co. is The target of numerous earth-one existence in the spiritual heights, without the need to ever again have a round on the globe to rotate. Not an easy task: the Crushing of a Fly invites bad Karma on the account.

Kumbh Mela: from all sins washed clean

India is the craziest country in the world. And one of the most beautiful! For this Time we are looking for the danger: Bengal Tiger and Holland wheels in the chaotic traffic of Old Delhi.

But there is a shortcut: the Kumbh Mela. Who rises of Holy days in the water, is washed clean of all sins. In Hinduism, you know a lot of Holy rivers at the Kumbh, the wash but a million times stronger, so tell the legends. Legend is, of course, also the Background of the ritual washing. In the depth of the time once the gods and demons for a pitcher with the “nectar of immortality” in a fight. Four drops of India are trickled, where the cities of Allahabad, Haridwar, Ujjain, Nashik emerged.

The Kumbh Mela is held alternately in exactly these four cities. Depending on the state of the star. The flow of water develops only on certain days, his complete cleansing effect. This year, Jupiter is in the zodiac sign of Aries, the sun and the moon in Capricorn: the perfect constellation for the city of Allahabad where the three rivers Ganges, Yumma and Saraswati meet. The latter exists only in the myths, and to underground flow.

when is Kumbh Mela? the city when river Allahabad from January to March, The mega event is 2019GangesHaridwarMärz to April 2022GangesUjjainApril to may 2022ShipraUjjain April to may 2028Shipra

a logistical challenge. Almost 400 million Swiss francs are available for infrastructure, 122, 000 of Bathroom set up, 30 000 policemen ordered and 5.8 tons of rice purchased. The miracle can come. For planning: The next Kumbh Mela will be held in the year 2022 in Haridwar.

Who travels in a “Sleeper Class” by India, experienced the sub-continent in miniature: people crowded, chaotic, warmly. And comes to its limits: The days of long train travel is a drain on the substance, but it is one of the most impressive experiences in Asia.