What is known about the candidate for Prime Minister of Ukraine: analyst

the Verkhovna Rada will hold an extraordinary meeting. The focus will be personnel changes in the government. Before it became known that the Prime Minister Alexey Goncharuk still resigns. The decision was taken after a meeting of the faction “people’s Servants”.

it is Expected that instead, the Cabinet will be headed by Denis Shmyhal. This candidature was proposed by President of Ukraine, reports “Russia 24”.

According to political analyst Pavel Shipilin, now in Ukraine there is a clear struggle between the two remaining oligarchs Igor Kolomoisky and Rinat Akhmetov. And Smagala associated with Akhmetov. Apparently, after the failed impeachment Zelensky decided to put on a trump.

“Goncharuk was a puppet of Soros, and thus a puppet of the Democrats. Now, it seems, as it turns out that under pressure the Democrats Zelensky manages to get away, but he gets between the hammer and the anvil — between Kolomoisky and Akhmetov,” — said shipilin.

meanwhile, the Deputy head of the faction “servant of the people” Eugene Kravchuk said that Denis Shmyhal in the case of appointment to the post will focus on the economy and support industry, reports “Interfax”.

According to her, Smigel quite confident and calm at the faction meeting. “We have such a good feeling from his appointment,” she said. She also expressed confidence that the required majority for the resignation of the current government Alexey Goncharuk typed.