this week in Russia is actively discussed (and continue to do) what is happening in Belarus. The courage of the brotherly people and the criminal actions of the security forces left no one indifferent. Today tell more about what is known at the moment about the situation in the neighboring country, and discussing other important world events that occurred this week.

1. Protests in Belarus

for several days Now the number one topic in all the Russian media continues to be the situation in Belarus. On August 9, the country held presidential elections, a victory which, according to official data of the CEC, has won 65-year-old incumbent President Alexander Lukashenko, who received 80% of votes. His main rival, 37-year-old Svetlana Tikhanovski, the candidate of the United opposition, obtained on the same data, about 10%.

Believe these, now everyone seems to be dubious figures do not give the results of the alternative count conducted by the platform “Voice”, according to which Tikhanovski scored about 80 percent. And when the streets began to leave tens of thousands of protesters, it became clear that the Belarusians, these results do not recognize and consider them to be entirely fabricated.

After the elections Svetlana Tikhanovski, saying that she won them victory, made with the intention to challenge the results. But, having arrived in the CEC, Svetlana was detained for several hours. Soon after it became known that she had left Belarus and went to Lithuania. The strange circumstances of her departure suggest that she did it against her will, forced. What was happening behind the walls of the CEC in a time when there was Tikhanovski, we can only guess. But judging by the video that she recorded, she made it clear that the joke with the current government bad.


In the video, Svetlana, not showing any emotion, he reads the paper and asks Belarusians to stop the protests. The roller, by a strange coincidence, came after she went to the CEC. Some even believe that it was recorded right there. It’s safe to assume that Tikhanovski put before a choice: if you do not read it on the camera, then… I don’t want to think what she threatened. But don’t you need to be very creative to make a woman that has two children (and so sent to one of the European countries for security reasons) and the husband in detention, to fulfil the requirements of the authorities.

But obviously this was, apparently, not all. Someone began to accuse Tikhanovski treason and cowardice. For example, here is what the journalist Anton Krasovsky

Generally, of course, fantastic. You tell everyone that you won with 80%, while running away from a country that is supposedly the whole (really not) for you. They are bold — the angels of change.

Today, she recorded a new video in which he thanked everyone who voted for it, and again noted that won it.

Belarusians never want to live with the former regime. In her victory the Belarusians do not believe

she said, and called on the authorities to stop the violence and begin a dialogue.

Departure Tikhanovski only further angered the Belarusians, who do not expect to stop the protest. People who know about violence (sounds even the word “terror”!) from the security forces, continue to take to the streets demanding fair elections. Those who are detained and put in jail, tell you what was in hell.

65 people were locked in a room 4.5 x 4.5 meters. It was a yard, without a roof and benches, like a corral. We took turns sitting on the concrete floor to give each other a break. To brought water, had to ask for a long time, and we got 2.5 liters for 65 people, stretching every SIP. I’d be lying if I say that we were not fed: they brought us a loaf of black bread. One loaf. For 65 people. The toilet was also a luxury, but a trip he was accompanied by jeers and shouts. Wrote at the same time for three people to do in the allotted time. br>
on the Morning of August 11 we were all kicked out on the street for identification. Again, the corridor and staff with batons. On this day we heard in the corridors of the most severe beat people over the request to provide food and make a phone call to the lawyer. They begged me to stop doing it, but along the answers were only the blows and the phrase “You knew where they were, they knew where to go. Here you change.” It’s very scary to hear the groans of men and the strokes of the boot in the body. At the end of the day a few people from my camera fainted due to lack of power, water and food.

the Morning of August 12 we were all put in the hallway and called names. Me and 25 other people were lucky, and our names called, saying go home. The rest said I’ll try my luck tomorrow. Then above us finally abandoned in the yard, forcing them to do military exercises on PFD. Those who could not do what was required, was beaten bats. After that crawl on the earth have brought us to the fence and released,

— said the resident of Minsk.

But to fulfill the cruel orders of the authorities are ready not all law enforcement officers. Some milizioners withdrawn from service after many years of work and join the protesters.

responsibility for the lawlessness, organized by the security forces against the Belarusian citizens, was taken by the Minister of internal Affairs of Belarus Yury Karaeu. He even apologized to those who suffered from their actions. However, I sympathize with those who accidentally fell under the distribution.

In any mass combat, with the suppression of group or mass violations of public order, it turns out that affect those who specifically it was, and those who are nearby are not left on time, was not able to rebound. For these people, those who went for it, as they say, the violence I as a commander, like the chief needs to take responsibility for themselves. And apologize humanly before these people

he said.

Apparently, bullying and violence over the protesters, in his opinion, is quite normal.

Well, what about Alexander Lukashenko? The first thing after the start of the protests, the head of state — no, not tried to go for a dialogue with his people, and became hard to “turn off” the Internet: in the whole country for several days was a big problem with communication. Fortunately, modern technologies allow to circumvent some of the prohibitions and Belarusians still managed to tell the world about what is happening in their country.

About the protests Lukashenko is said is not too happy. In his opinion, they were organized by the countries of the West.

From Poland, the UK and the Czech Republic were calls, manage our, excuse me, sheep,

he said.

And advises the protesters to get a job.

the Basis of all these so-called protesters — people with criminal records and unemployed today. No work means, “Hey, uncle, the streets and avenues”. So I’m asking you nicely and I warn you all: to get a job those who do not work, he said.

With parasites, Alexander G., of course, got excited. The number of protesters began to join and employees of state enterprises: factories BelAZ and MAZ. They refuse to work and demand fair elections.

BelAZ went on strike! (Video not mine)
BelAZ chanting: “GO away!”

Employees BELAZ in Zhodino refuse to work

Experts say that Lukashenko is actually very afraid. To the public after the election, he has not yet appeared. Rumor has it that he did and is now in Turkey. According to other sources, where he took his children and grandchildren.

Today, appeared in the media information��ia that Lukashenko is going to make his address to the nation, however, official confirmation is not found. When this is all over and what is hard to say.

But I want to believe that the Belarusians will soon see the changes they’re looking forward to and which in their country was already 26 years old.

2. 20 years from the date of death of the submarine “Kursk”

12 Aug 2000 in Russia there was a terrible tragedy that claimed the lives of 118 people in the Barents sea during a training exercise sank the submarine “Kursk”. Today, 20 years later, it is still unknown what actually happened. According to the official version, in the fourth compartment of the submarine exploded torpedo, which resulted in a whole series of explosions. As a result, the ship was on the bottom at a depth of 108 meters.

among the survivors was 24 crew members, who gathered in the ninth compartment and to the last fought for life, hoping for salvation. But they knew that their chances of survival were extremely small. This is evidenced by the letters that they could write home shortly before his death.

12.08.2000 15.25 g. it’s dark Here to write, but to the touch I’ll try! Chances seem no % 10-20. Let’s hope that at least someone will read it. Here is a list of l/s compartments, which are the 9th and will try to go. Hello, no need to despair! Kolesnikov (spelling and punctuation of the author saved. — Approx. edition)

— wrote the captain-Lieutenant Dmitry Kolesnikov.

Dmitry Kolesnikov
Maxim Flaws
within several days, television screens we were assured that the crew is not in danger, said that they supported the relationship and they provide everything you need. Russian President Vladimir Putin did not even cut short his vacation in Sochi and not only arrived on the scene, but long kept silent about what is happening.

My help Russia immediately offered the West, but our leadership from it initially refused — a pier, will handle on their own. When it became clear that the situation is critical and couldn’t handle, joined Norwegian rescuers. On August 21 they, along with Russian colleagues opened the lid of the escape hatch and found the bodies of 24 victims. The next day the rescue operation was completed.

Relatives and friends of the victims still remember with horror the terrible tragedy that took from them husbands, sons and brothers.

Loss does not have a Statute of limitations, and time does not heal

— said the mother of the deceased sailor D��itria Staroselzev Valentine.

Captain 1st rank Igor Kudrin said that today it is impossible to name the exact causes of death “Kursk”.

Why was lost “Kursk”, just doesn’t know and nobody can. Just a month ago, was published my book, there I only stayed for two versions, because only they have the right to exist. First, this is the official version, which I myself adhere to this man-made disaster, caused by the malfunction of the large torpedoes, the explosion in the fourth torpedo tube. The explosion of the torpedo, no one denies. I could not say in his book about another version — that the root cause of the explosion could be external influence. It’s either a collision with a foreign submarine or torpedo attack “Kursk” foreign submarine. The authors of these versions — sensible experts, professors, doctors of Sciences, experts in the field of torpedo armament of the Navy. They have given me analytical materials, technical details, rightly spoke about his version. But I do not agree with it because, firstly, repeatedly during the cold war clashes and our American and other foreign submarines, and they never led to serious consequences. Second, the boat is very durable ships and boats under the water, especially when they are at periscope depth, as the “Kursk” very good maneuver,

he notes.

One thing is clear that those responsible for the death of the submarine “Kursk” is and should be punished, but their names were not called.

3. Assignment Kamala Harris to the post of Vice President of the United States

the Theme associated with the elections was actively discussed this week in the United States. Starting this fall, Americans will choose a new (or reelected old) the head of state, and now all the citizens ‘ attention is riveted to this event.

this week, the 77-year-old presidential candidate of the Democratic party Joe Biden called the candidate in Vice-presidents. He was 55-year-old Senator from California Kamala Harris. The decision Biden to nominate Harris became resonant. If her nomination will be officially approved at the party Congress on 17 August, she will become the first black woman in U.S. history, claiming the post of Vice-President.

Kamala Harris

With delight at this news and reacted to many Western stars who have already expressed their support.

Forward, Kamala Harris!

— written by Charlize Theron.

While her colleague Reese Witherspoon said that our eyes history.

What is a historic moment for the colorwomen’s, little girls with big dreams and mothers. We cheer for you

— said Jessica Biel.

But U.S. President Donald trump their enthusiasm is not shared by Harris he called “unpleasant and mean-spirited woman.”

She was the meanest, worst, most disrespectful person in the United States Senate,

he said.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris

so, who is Kamala Harris and that she fights and acts?

She was born in the city of Oakland, California, in a family of immigrants. Her mother was born in India, she worked as a specialist for research on cancer, and his father hailing from Jamaica, he taught at Stanford University. Kamala Harris graduated from Harvard University, and then received a doctorate in law in Hastings law College of the University of California.

She often claims that her background makes her uniquely suitable to fight for people who have traditionally been ignored.
I believe that our country wants and needs some sort of guide that will give everyone the opportunity to see themselves in it,

— said Harris.

for a Long time she worked as the district attorney of San Francisco, and then took the position of attorney General of California, becoming the first black woman to hold that post. It was considered a pretty tough Prosecutor and often criticized. So, when she worked in San Francisco, the number of convictions has increased significantly.

In 2004, it caused a large public discontent when he refused to seek the death penalty for David hill, who was convicted in the death of a police officer.

In 2016, she was elected to the Senate. After taking office in January of 2017 Harris began working as the special Committee on intelligence and the Committee on the judiciary. She has become known for his prosecutorial style of questioning witnesses during the hearing, prompting criticism from Republican senators. In June 2017, she drew attention by staging an interrogation to the General Prosecutor of the USA Jeff Seshns, who testified before the intelligence Committee about the alleged Russian interference in the presidential elections of 2016.

last year, Kamala Harris has announced his candidacy for the upcoming presidential election, but then withdrew from the presidential race. The reason was low ratings and a lack of money in the presidential campaign. Interestingly, during their first debate in June last year, she criticized Joe Biden, Recalling his that many years ago he opposed desegregating buses (the transportation of children from different areas in the US have tried to overcome racial segregation in schools).

Kamala Harris speaks in support of the LGBT community (and myself participated in a gay parade), and supports the legalization of gay marriage. She also stated that marijuana should be legalized in all U.S. States.

It is often called “Obama in a skirt”, and the ex-US President once called her “the most beautiful Prosecutor in the country”, for which he later publicly apologized, as that phrase is considered sexist.

married for the First time Harris came out six years ago. Her husband, Douglas emhoff, I’m sorry — lawyer. Total children in pairs, but he has two children from a previous marriage.

Judging by the nature Harris, she intends to win, and if that happens, of course, will be a historic event.

Kamala Harris, Barack and Michelle Obama