1. Why do we celebrate Halloween?

Halloween has its origins in the Christian Feast of “all saints”. But not the Christians were the First: The Celts celebrated the 31. October “Samhain,” the Festival of the 11. Full moon. For success in the following year the druids but ran chose. Preferably, a man, a woman, a child, and from each animal a Couple. In the Caribbean finally, the Solid was mixed with African Voodoo rites and is celebrated as “Día de los Muertos”, as a day of the dead.

2. What is the word means?

The word “Halloween” comes from the words “All Hallows’ Eve” – the eve of all saints. In the washed-out Irish dialects Hallowe’eve “and later, Halloween was out of it.”

3. Verkleiderlis for beginners

Traditionally, and always “gfürchig”: The skeleton and the sheet Ghost. Among the most popular coverings witches and Zombie Outfits. But also Cowboy or Superman costumes are not frowned upon. With every horror movie that appears in theaters, expanding also the range of panels. The last years especially in the Hollywood-Halloween-Trend: Stars who dress as other Celebrities.

These costumes carries all of Hollywood

Halloween is coming, and the Stars and starlets resort to make-up and wig. The last years especially in the Hollywood-Halloween-Trend: Stars who dress as other Celebrities.


4. read more To challenge the custom of “Trick or treat”

The custom of “Sweet” (Treat) or to threaten to “treat” (Trick/prank), was founded in the America of the thirties. Here, children go door to door and the neighbors, teach the creeps. The house Lord should not back out with the desired sweets, it can come to the extent that his letter-box as if by magic, filled with shaving foam.

5. Halloween, the movie

The successful horror film series to the psychotic serial killer Michael Myers goes on the strip “back Halloween – The night of horror” (1978) by John Carpenter. In the new Ex-baby-sitter Laurie Strode meets after 40 years on the serial killer Michael Myers. (From 25.10 in cinema)

The best Horror-TV–tips

The dread time of the year Vanja Kadic and Manuel Kellerhals, the new “Popcast devote sequence”. In the spooktacular special edition Halloween, the two Podcast Hosts, what are the Horror-series are the best, what with the Youtube-Trend in ASMR, and why Youtube is the hatred of the week, earned discuss.

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6 hear. The thing with the paper lanterns

one Halloween the pumpkin, as the skull of the skeleton. Jack-O’ – Lanterns, as they are called in the United States, are hollowed out pumpkins with scary carved faces, and the interior illuminated by candlelight. Before we know it? The turnip lantern parade with the hollowed-out Turnips, which carry the children through the streets, is the result of the same need.

7. the What do pumpkins with Halloween?

from a candle inside the pumpkins lights for Halloween with creepy faces in the night. This custom stems from a legend that Irish immigrants in the United States traditional. According to history, outwitted the Irish Farrier Jack Oldfield the devil, wanted to get this out to him. After his death, he was denied the entrance into heaven, in hell, he could, because the devil had given him his word to bring him to.

the devil Jack sent back to where he came from. The way was cold and windy, so Jack got out of pity, a glowing coal from the fires of hell. This he put in a ausgehölte turnip, which he had taken as provisions. Caught between heaven and hell wandered to Jack’s damned soul from now on through the darkness. So, the result was finally the custom of Turnips to undermine and illuminate with candles. Our turnip lantern procession, therefore, is probably. It became finally the pumpkins is probably just the season, because of the pumpkin heralds the autumn and the large specimens are easier to carve and even more terrifying.