What resources will help against mosquitoes? The A and O is a good preparation. The best time to lay out the necessary things (such as candles, and the like) before the evening falls – most of the mosquitoes between 18 and 19 o’clock to begin to zip.
The classic is, of course, the Use of appropriate anti-mosquito sprays or lotions. Secret tip: Create a small stock of hanging Incense coils, etc., Particularly in plague of ghosts-rich summers are out of stock such products quickly.
Special scented candles (e.g. citronella) or incense are good Alternatives that can create during the Evening remedy.
In the house itself keeps the mosquitoes at the best, by holding the window in the evening hours and/or Mosquito nets installed.
If you want to sit outside, it is better to use not a perfume, these fragrances attract mosquitoes. Insider tip: Plenty of garlic to eat, this scent acts as a deterrent. What stitches to do with mosquitoes?

The Camping experts reveal their secret tips:

Always have a cucumber ready to hold a: top cut and stitch to RUB in. The cucumber juice has a cooling effect. The Rest of the cucumber, you can convert them in a delicious salad.
funds from the pharmacy or drugstore: applications, such as the Disco-click Kik soothe the affected skin, reduce the swelling and relieve the itching.
With the glowing end of a cigarette as close as possible to the bite of a mosquito go – the gluten does not affect the skin. The heat will help to reduce the itching. Caution: beware of burns with this method.
RUB Fresh parsley on the bites as soon as they are detected.
Many also use spit to ease the annoying itch a little.
In the case of very severe itching: Also the Application of clear nail Polish on the bite can help. Beware of possible skin irritation with this tip.

So evenings are beautiful in the summer, a disadvantage you have: Hardly any, it dawns, pre-buzzing mosquitoes. What helps and what does not is good, to ward off insects.ALAMY STOCK PHOTO