The title of this article is misleading, because actually there’s not a summer flu at all. What is commonly referred to as the summer flu, are different, caused by a virus symptoms. As flu is referred to, however, due solely to the Influenza Virus, which occurs every Winter, something changed in the appearance and severity of a disease as a result.

Typical of the summer stomach-intestinal virus. This can induce, in addition to vomiting and diarrhea symptoms in the respiratory tract (e.g., difficulty in swallowing, and neck pain). Particularly dry mucous membranes increase the risk of infection. In the Winter there are heaters that dry the air cause in the summer air-conditioning systems.

Why is it sick just in the summer?

Allegedly, 20 percent of the summer comes colds from air conditioning systems. Because on the one hand, they cool the air down, on the other hand, you deprive it of the moisture.

The breeze, especially older models, and car air conditioners cause, cools areas of the skin such as the neck, which can lead to tension. You get bend a Neck. In addition, the climate dries out the device, the mucous membranes in the nose, mouth, and throat, which can ward off cold viruses getting worse. Typical symptoms are runny nose, irritation of Throat or pain as well as coughing and hoarseness. In the case of Elderly and sick that can lead to pneumonia.

another Problem is the strong differences between the heat outside and the freezer climate inside. You enter sweaty a cooled space, the welding parts of the body from wet and cool even more. Who is not in a good mood, the extreme temperature variations also affect the circuit. Therefore, you should not have to switch between air-conditioned and non-air-conditioned rooms and the air conditioning to at least 21, 22 degrees Celsius setting.

there Is a vaccination against the flu?

Due to air-conditioning and threading there is also a risk that the sweaty body cool down after a day in the sun, or to the Sport in cooled spaces, and thus the susceptibility increases to a viral infection. Typical symptoms of a viral infection during the summer are:

cold symptoms headache and muscle pain fever break through case

Because the flu vaccination is only against the seasonal Influenza Virus for viral infections during the summer, no vaccinations. The more important it is to protect themselves from infection.

7 tips for a “summer flu” to Avoid you – especially sweaty – cooled by air conditioning units and rooms with drafts. As of today, all shops and public transport will be strongly cooled down, you should make sure to wear dry clothes or to have that protected you from the cold.The evening Swim in the lake or river is often the most Beautiful after a long day of work. Make sure that you keep warm, because as soon as the sun goes down, the air is cooled rapidly. Therefore, after Swimming to dry well.Especially in this heat, it is important that you are drinking enough. You keep your mucous membranes moist and prevent symptoms of dehydration such as headache and dizziness.Iced drinks are very refreshing, however, you can cool the mucous membranes such that it can no longer defend themselves adequately against viruses.You Wash Your Hands. Viruses usually first on the skin before they reach the mucous membranes. Viruses themselves can not Hiking – for the Transmission of a Virus on the mucous membrane of the man himself is mostly responsible.Also, when driving a car you should make sure that you expose yourself to strong draughts, and the interior is not too strong cooling down.Although the long sun baths in the Mode, you can increase the susceptibility to viral infections. Especially people who are sensitive, should not expose themselves too long in the blazing sun. In order to do your skin a Favor, and their Vitamin-D needs you to cover already with 20-30 minutes of the day. Simple household cure for the flu

Caught it yet, you should take the time the Virus cure. Even if it’s tempting, symptom-fighting medications and to put in the Badi in the sun, it is recommended to allow the body to work and to rest. Otherwise, you procrastinate, the Virus only to have a rest instead of actually.

In comparison to the flu by the Influenza Virus viral infections usually last for shorter and shorter time, The symptoms are usually after just a few days, much weaker. Various house can help resources:

ginger is mainly used in the kitchen. Popular he is there, its spicy flavour. However, the tuber is much more than just an exotic spice. So it is used more and more often as a helper against health problems such as colds or indigestion. Click here to read more.

ginger is said to have a healing effect. Even if not just Teesaison is, it tastes of ginger sliced or grated in hot water with a little lemon and honey is best. Especially grated the ginger to release its flavor particularly, but the tea is accordingly sharper. As also anti-inflammatory apply chamomile and sage tea. The latter is also suitable for gargling.Fever is wrap by Wade and Lime-more bearable, and reduces the fact, perhaps, even a little.