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– It can be kjempetungt for people, ” says professor Bente Træen at the University of Oslo.

– One month in isolation doesn’t have to mean so very much. But if this continues, then it may be a problem.

to avoid infection, we have stopped hugging each other.

We must keep one metre distance, preferably two. Sometimes greets we with the elbow or foot.

In some municipalities are hugging been illegal. It can be punished with imprisonment for two years.

We can hug those we live with.

What if one lives alone?

Most SSB checked, there were 948.000 living alone in Norway.

Photo: KOLLASJ / NRK/NTB Scanpix Therefore, it is difficult to stop to take in the face So has our language changed in the last week Digital hugs

In France takes the friends on each other more than 100 times in the course of a kafébesøk, found the canadian psychologist Sidney Jourard out of. He researched this long before koronakrisen came.

we Might have had more physical contact with each other than what we have thought of.

The last few weeks there has been an explosion of creative solutions to show care and concern without spreading the infection.

Wards comforts and calms on the net. Birthday parties are being streamed. [Url = kindergarten staff go home to the children to give påskegodt. Family members hugs through the window.

Many health care professionals isolate themselves. We put teddy bears in the windows.

Single NRK have talked with say that they’re dating, but that there is less close contact than in the past.

Everything to avoid the infection that can be fatal for some.

the People’s medicine against koronaviruset PODCAST Tips from the psychologist

squeezing is important for us. It is healthy for the head and body.

It can strengthen our immune system.

Hugs are also on to increase the sense our of belonging.

We feel more comfortable if we hugged. And it reduces stress.

Physical contact is very important. It is a pity that we don’t get as much of it now, ” says the psychologist Marte Halse.

– To replace the close contact from other people is difficult. You can still get a good feeling of talking with someone over the phone.

If you don’t have someone to call to, one can get a sense of belonging by talking with a neighbor or someone you meet at the store.

– Now it is the also many that provide services on Find and in Facebook groups. It also strengthens the feeling of belonging for us. To provide a service to someone will also make you feel for the benefit of someone else, and it gets you to feel well, telling the psychologist.

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