no one likes to think about it, that something could happen. However, you should set yourself apart as a responsible pet owners with this issue. Right now, where many people with the Coronavirus have been infected and in quarantine, it is important to make for his animals, a Precautionary.

Nadja Brodmann (54), Co-Director of the Zurich animal protection, explains what can be done by pet owners.

Preparedness planning for Pets

The Zurich animal protection Association recommends the following for Pets in an emergency are well cared for, and holder, family members and friends need to Worry about:

The most important documents of the pet (Vaccination certificates, pet passport, General information to the animal) should be at a place in the home, the family members or friends.

– The Provisions of the animal, and financial aspects with a Person or organization (shelter or sanctuary should be visited) to choice to discuss.

– Important information to be noted in writing and as an emergency card in your wallet with:

Name, birthday, Rassezu contact Person/organisation arrangements for the supervision and funding

– In a Preventive order should be regulated, the support, including the funding for emergencies (illness, accident). This scheme ensures that the pet runs in a care, then, according to the Wishes of the holder, even if the health is not in a position to comment on.

– the same as in the Precautionary order, can be regulated in the Testament of the whereabouts of the pet in the last will.

On the housing, or door-to-door in a case of emergency, should be applied to the sticker for the fire Department.

What happens with Pets when you have to suddenly be in quarantine?

All animals need attention, food, water, a clean place to sleep, and can many times facilitate the day. The animal holder is ill and cannot fulfill his responsibilities, temporarily, enough, or he doesn’t have to go to hospital, have to deal with someone else’s animal roommates. Brodmann explained: “If the sick Person is responsive and verbally can communicate, who can care for the animal, it may take this Person into custody”. This would however, have to be previously agreed.

In some cases, however, this is not possible. “If the owner or the owner is not responsive and no precautionary order for the pet has, it will be confiscated temporarily and either at a shelter, in custody or otherwise in the shelter, the veterinary office is housed,” says the animal rights activist.

a Precautionary order to fill in

Therefore, it is important to think of a writing deposited with the Precautionary order, the pet will be recorded. This regulates the care of the animals in the sense of the holder and in case of a reassurance for all the parties Involved, in advance of the Details discussed should have been. “In the pension contract may be recorded, what should happen in the case of hospitalization or death of the pet, to to whom it is to be housed in foster care or in which the shelter,” said animal welfare expert. A well-placed “emergency bag” could be used to prepare for the security in the documents and the most important information about the animal, as well as medicines, food and toys for the pet should be kept. The Zurich animal protection there is on the topic of Preparedness for pet animals extra a Info-page, where everything will be explained.

Brodmann would be glad if the current exception would lead to the situation that the awareness is increasing in population, was a must-have for Pets for impairment losses. “There are always cases where it is not clear what should happen with the animal – especially in the case of older animals, it is important to know their pre-existing conditions and preferences, in order to take care of it after the loss of the reference person needs to bring.” Even worse, when animals starve to death at home, because none of them knew. A so-called “emergency card” with details of the animal that you should always have in your wallet, but it can save lives, as well as the Preventive order.

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