“They have to fall for the same buckwheat, the ill-fated ginger, sunflower oil, lemons, and more”, – said Tenishev.

According to him, this is facilitated by a drop in demand as well as recovery of imports of after some problems in logistics because of the coronavirus. In addition, the role played by FAS adopted measures to stabilize the situation.

In particular, Andrey Tenishev reminded that the Antimonopoly service has revealed evidence of cartel collusion on the markets of buckwheat and lemons. According to Tenishev, the objective reasons for any price increases, nor, especially, the same deficit of buckwheat in Russia can not be. Only Altai Krai produces buckwheat in volume, can meet the needs of the whole of Russia. But in General the country is twice what we need.

“in such circumstances, if the product disappears from store shelves, then it is nothing but an artificial creation of a deficit. And if it’s an artificial shortage, it means that there is a conspiracy. And we shall find evidence of this conspiracy”, – said the representative office.

full interview with head of Department for combating cartels FAS Andrey Tenisheva read in the nearest numbers of “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”.