a beautiful, strong relationship, that you show each other that you are there for each other. If someone is the thirst after confirmation but insatiable, then that is a Problem. The comes with Provide and to Assure us of that. That’s exhausting and can lead to a certain point with all the love of a defensive reflex.

Apparently, you’re already looking through your loss have do fears less to do with the current relationship as a negative experience that you have made earlier. But it is not the role of your fiancé, failures of others to encourage or to fill endless holes, which are in your System. These things you have to tackle.

Find ways to calm yourself when your anxiety comes up. To move and to breathe consciously, the first anxiety. If you have more time, you can play sports, you creative operate or simply listen to music. So, you can intercept the first excitement alone, instead of your fiancee clamp.

Be aware that the Reconditioning of old wounds, time and sometimes even the help of a professional needs. The better you understand your Fears, the calmer you can encounter them and to dismantle them piece by piece.