What documents come into force in March

All the medicine of a series subject to special rules because they contain narcotic and psychotropic components. Why mothers of sick children who could not get the right drugs in Russia (because the country they are not registered and therefore not sold)to buy them abroad. As a result, the number of high – profile stories when several mothers were arrested by police officers and almost got busted. Public outcry helped: the government made a critical decision to make these drugs available for treatment in Russia. Had made the necessary amendments to a number of Federal laws from March 1, it became possible to bring these drugs to Russia, thus fulfilling certain rules.

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the Main condition – the medication must be prescribed by vital indications of the specific patient or group of patients, in case if there are no suitable registered in Russia medicines. The health Ministry said that this is the first normative legal act authorizing the import from group of drugs, and not any one. “The order will help remove the existing obstacles in getting patients the medicines they need, which in turn will improve their quality of life”, – concluded the Ministry.

in effect the order is not perpetual: it will expire on 31 December 2023. During this time, as explained in the Ministry, should be resolved with the registration of foreign drugs and their manufacture in Russia.

Representatives of charities that help seriously ill and dying, decision support. But note – this is only the first step in the chain of action that will make the necessary assistance available.

It is only a “window” to legally import frisium, diazepam and other medicines to Russia and not have the risk punishment, said the Deputy Director of the children’s hospice “the House with the lighthouse” Lydia Moniava.

If the drug registered in the country, it can be bought at any pharmacy with a prescription, it is the real solution to the problem. Photo: Alexander Korolkov

“really need to frisium, diazepam, sabril and other anticonvulsant drugs were available in our country for patients for free (at the expense of the state, not the patients themselves) and that they can be obtain at the drugstore the day of the appointment,” – said Moniava. Now parents have a few months to collect the documents to do the visa and to go by them to Europe.

When the summer and autumn of last year there was a resonant cases of the detention of women in obtaining illegal at the time of the imported drugs, the health Ministry has promised to hold talks with the manufacturer of frisium and initiate registration of the drug in Russia.

“If the drug registered in the country, it can be bought at any pharmacy with a prescription. And only this will solve the problem,” concluded Lydia of Maniava.