Multimedia, as The spring is zoetjesaan in the country. Those who have a garden, a terrace or a balcony, you can now start with the first schoonmaakmanoeuvres. It is the perfect tool remains in the high-pressure water.Tweakerszocht of what you can do with them, and see which ones are currently the largest we recommend. 1. Stone surfaces –

Stone, pavers, concrete surfaces, tiles, anyway, it’s a tough life, and therefore, even a strong jet of water. ‘Of course,’ waste, such as: mud, leaf litter, you are able to, as wegspuiten with water, but moss has to call in the heavy artillery is needed. That is, you must first edit them with a specially designed cleaning agent that you are a few days it should be discharged, and then the rotating head of the jehogedrukreiniger(included with the accessories) should be given.
2. Wood

You would expect the opposite, but the high pressure will help you to save money. If you have a garden hose for an hour run, you have about 3,500 litres of water are used. Manufacturer, Kärcher is claiming that it’s a good high-pressure spray gun are just 400 to 600 litres of water per hour through day. And that is the fact that, in the high-pressure hose to the clean-up speed up.

It is, in fact, crap wood with a power washer can clean it, but you have to be there are a few things to pay attention to. For example, the pressure is not too high, and you need to keep the spray to a bit of wood. Most pressure washers have a special setting for cleaning the wood.
3. Plastics, and painted objects, as

The above also applies to the plastic furniture,because they were all too high, the pressure of the coating and the plastic material may be challenged. Cars and bikes are doing it at your own risk: – painted surfaces and high pressure, that is, however, a word of warning though.

we suggest 1. Kärcher K 7 Premium-Full-Control-Plus-Home – (of which€ 440)

by Far one of the most popular devices. Power: 3000 watts; working pressure 180 bar. Terrace, garden furniture, garden tools, and even heavier, more jobs, and if you have a pool, you can agree to clean the place. The maximum watertemperatuurtoevoer to 60°C. click here to View the Kärcher K 7 Premium-Full-Control-Plus-Home.

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