What can samostroi legalize

In the registry, which was launched since January this year, into a residential building at risk of demolition because of problems with documents. Typically, this is due to incorrect usage of the land – on land for individual housing construction rise apartment building of several floors. Can be included in the registry and cottages – for example, built contrary to the rules, on the lands of forest Fund.

“how many in the country of unauthorized construction, does not exist, they had never considered. We are doing the registry to obtain objective information about such objects and to assess the scale of the problem,” says the head of the Russian center of national construction policy Alexander Moore. Applications for inclusion of the building in the registry can serve both residents and local authorities. In addition, FCNSP sent requests to the state construction departments and committees in all regions to provide information about unauthorized construction.

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the Most problematic region – Krasnodar Krai. “For 2019 was filed 1,200 lawsuits on the demolition of such objects, that is, each year the number of homes grows not less than a thousand,” says Moore.

According to estimates VCSP, due to the demolition of these buildings could lose their housing tens of thousands of families. In the center of the construction policy to emphasize that the register include only buildings, where people live. In the future, probably, will raise the issue of the legalization of such property, provided that the experts agree is safe at home. In addition, the house should be built no later than December 2019 – to unscrupulous builders have erected new buildings in the hope that they can legislate.

According to preliminary estimates, the installed criteria meets only every third request, and only to these houses there will be a possibility to save them.

in Parallel, according to Moore, is considered tougher criminal penalties for officials who “closed their eyes” to the emergence of unauthorized construction. “Until we have a system of double standards. One house is going to be demolished, and adjacent, the same reason no one touches it. When one can and others can not, and this solves the local authority to whom – we receive thousands of properties for demolition. And hostages of the situation are simple people,” says Moore.

If the building will be declared unsafe for living, to solve the issue by creating attractive investment conditions for the developer who would received without bidding land, to resettle the inhabitants of the squatter legally built house. “Unscrupulous builders and the government can use law enforcement to prosecute”, – noted in FCNSP.

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Cases of illegal construction of apartment buildings on the lands set aside under completely different goals meet in Russia quite often, the member of the Public Council under the Ministry of construction Rifat Garipov. “Citizens, buying an apartment in such a facility, may not even know about the existence of these violations. Now, in terms of project financing and work with escrow, this situation can not arise. But we are talking about objects that were built before the market on new rules,” he said. The authorities should, on the one hand, to identify unsafe buildings, and there may be a decision on the demolition. But on the other hand, we cannot leave people without their legal housing due to the negligence of officials who gave dishonest developers permission for the construction of such facilities, said Garipov.

In some cases, there is a chance to legalize these buildings. This happens in two stages. The first is the change of categories of land, the second is legitimizing the house. The building should correspond to norms of security, to have communication, designed for apartment building the appropriate infrastructure. “Obviously, responsibility for violations must be held not only developers, but also government officials who sign such a building permit or turn a blind eye”, – stressed the member of the Public Council.