the CheckPoint Specialists published its report on the brands that are most often used in phishing attacks in the second quarter of 2020. Google (13%), Amazon (13%) and WhatsApp (9%) entered the top three most used in phishing attacks brands in the world.

Hackers use various methods to distribute links to fake websites redirecting users while browsing web pages. As a rule, their goal is the theft of credentials, personal information or payments. The study covers April, may and June of 2020.

the top 10 also includes Facebook (9%), Microsoft (7%), Outlook (3%), Apple (2%), Huawei (2%) and the top ten closes the PayPal (2%). The researchers note that the phishing email is the second most common type of fraud after the web phishing. In the first quarter of the phishing e-mail was in third place. The reason for this change was the weakening of the global constraints associated with Covid-19: already, many businesses are open and employees have returned to work in the offices.

Phishing exploits, constituting almost a quarter (24%) of all phishing attacks aimed at Microsoft Outlook and Unicredit. Experts report that almost 15% of phishing attacks aimed at smartphones. In such attacks, the attackers often masquerade as Facebook, WhatsApp and PayPal.