Matrona Moskovskaya is a powerful seer whose predictions often turn out to be true. The saint predicted a large-scale global crisis in 2023, which will turn the entire world order on the planet.

“How sorry I am for you, you will live to the last times. Life will get worse and worse. Heavy. The time will come when they will put a cross and bread in front of you, and they will say – choose!”, said Matrona.

In Europe, the military will seize power and try to restore order by force. Such actions will cause protests and a wave of discontent in society. The government will turn to Russia for help, and our country will meet halfway, help in overcoming the crisis. Matrona did not predict the Third World War in the coming year, reports “”.

According to her prophecies, it can be concluded that there will be no conflict, and the end of the world will come without war. The many deaths she saw were not from destructive weapons, but rather psychological.

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