What are the penalties threatened residents of different countries for violation of quarantine

the French Government was locked in homes virtually the entire country, even those who are healthy and never had contact with the infected. To go out, you need to have either a work statement or special receipt, which established one of the good reasons: for food, to the doctor, emergency family reasons, or for sports in the yard and exclusively in splendid isolation. Release can be downloaded from the official website of the government. To check the contents will be police patrols that can stop anyone you meet on the way.

If the Frenchman left the residence without the right papers or was in a different place than that specified in the receipt, he will have to pay a fine of 135 euros (about 11 600 rubles). For repeated violation of the regime within two weeks the fine is 1.5-3 thousand euros, and for the third relapse can even be put in jail for six months. Since last Tuesday, when they began to restrictions, law enforcement officers wrote more than 90 thousand in fines.

Photo: Mikhail Japaridze/TASS Named the most effective measure against the spread of coronavirus

Not far behind in the number fined and Italy, where, according to the Independent newspaper, the police caught breaking the quarantine has more than 53 thousand people. In the Apennines are subject to the same rules as in France: on the street – only on special need and receipt, and during her absence – a fine of 206 euros (about 17.7 thousand rubles) or imprisonment for three months or more depending on the severity of the violation. The streets of Italy there are police patrols, which check almost everyone. The Spanish authorities have introduced similar rules leaving the house, however, still allowed to walk the dogs, but only with observance of required distances from passers-by. For compliance with the cops. Some guardians of the law driving around with a megaphone reminding people about the rules of the quarantine and encouraging them to stay home. For a minor violation threatens a penalty of 100 euros (8.6 thousand), but if a misdemeanor with aggravating circumstances, for example, resistance to the police, the penalty can reach 30 thousand euros or even four years in prison. Violation of the quarantine regime may be costly in Norway. Here in isolation have to leave until only those who returned from abroad, as well as citizens who had contact with infected COVID-19. For violation of the regime could face a fine of 20 thousand Norwegian kroner (about 140 thousand) or 15-day prison sentence. To quarantine are required to go returning from abroad or landing coronavirus Australians. The penalties for refusing to obey astronomical. In the state of New South Wales for failing to leave in isolation, fined 11 thousand Australian dollars (about 500 rubles), and in Western Australia – all 50 thousand. If such money is the offender, you can go to jail for a year.