What are the measures taken by employers to protect employees from COVID-19

to Disinfect the pens need now most often. And the mask, by the way, right to wear, to cover mouth and nose. Photo: RIA Novosti

more countries are taking extraordinary measures to protect themselves from pandemic coronavirus. In particular, our closest neighbours, where, in contrast to Italy, France and Spain while relatively quiet. Sunday on state of emergency in the country, said the President of Kazakhstan: in the country close to large shopping centres, cinemas, exhibitions, concert halls, and restrict entry into the country and travel abroad and inside the quarantine. All this – with two identified cases of infection. In recent days, completely closed borders is also not the most affected countries – Czech Republic, Latvia, Ukraine. Maximum social exclusion of people, carrying out quarantine were the most effective measures against the pandemic, they will limit the freedom of people, but it will save lives, – said the who.

Photo: kinopoisk.ru Marvel stopped the production of TV series for coronavirus

In Russia until such drastic measures are not taken spectacle recommended limit, but only the most massive, and if less than five thousand spectators – like and it is possible. The government to at least reduce flights to Europe, but in the capital city the planes still fly. Quarantine in Moscow introduced, but only for students – and in soft, voluntary form: the decision to leave the kids at home take parents.

as for enterprises and organizations, there is a serious limiting instructions almost none. Here the Federal officials, senators and deputies was clearly announced: to postpone foreign trips. And the heads of large companies, universities willin, scientific organizations make decisions on their own.

the Maximum social exclusion and the conduct of the quarantine will restrict the freedom of people, but will save lives, say the who

“We received a letter from the Agency, stating that the prohibited conduct massive enterprises with number of participants more than five thousand people. We also are required to carry out the isolation of workers, who arrived from high-risk countries, and in the case that someone gets sick, disinfect the premises of the Institute, determine the range of contacts and send a letter to the medical organization attached to the Institute, – told “RG” the Director of a large research Institute. – In addition, it is recommended to measure the temperature of people in the workplace. That’s all. But judging by recent events, I think it would be useful at least for some time to send the staff of the Institute for freelance work. At least older people who have quite a lot. They are now clearly better not to use metro”. Thus, before acting, a decision needs to be coordinated with the Ministry of education, and it will take time.

Many companies today provide employees and antiseptics, and masks. Photo: RIA Novosti

Private companies have the opportunity to act faster. On the remote work employees have already translated many Russian and foreign IT-companies. Yandex, for example, sent employees a letter of offer next week to work from home and in the office to come only in exceptional cases. Moreover, for such exceptions, the company allowed employees to take a taxi and promised to offset the costs.

“Yandex” because of the coronavirus encouraged its employees to work from home

the Major oil companies and Gazprom temporarily refused from trips abroad even earlier – at the beginning of March. And urged employees to hold the required holiday in Russia and not abroad. About the same key is valid and the savings Bank.

the majority of companies and organizations to cancel, shift the timing or transferred in correspondence mode all the crowded events – seminars, trainings, conferences. “The officially announced to limit the number of participants of the five thousand looks weird and unfounded. Better now to abstain from activities that involve a group of people”, – told “RG” in one of the companies.

with regard to small, private businesses – shops, hairdressers, restaurants and cafes, gas stations – there seems to be about simple preventive measures such as wearing masks and the use of antiseptics, not even heard of. Not hunting to Potter not hunting to spend money. Like a Moscow taxi drivers are in an order announced on the masks, but until the order is never fulfilled.