Russian regions will gradually soften the measures taken because of the coronavirus, and begin to receive guests. “B” analyzed 15 popular summer destinations of domestic tourism — which has already allowed almost everything, and anywhere else you can get for two weeks in the Observatory.window.widget_config__2471 = { dateUpdate : 1592599033 };

Entry and accommodation: from June 1, the region has about 200 resorts, from June 12, opened the hotel to 50 rooms. From June 21 to cancel a quarantine and a mandatory 14-day observation for tourists from other regions. It is assumed that upon arrival they will pass the test of COVID-19 and report the place of residence. When you identify the hotel/motels at least one case of coronavirus, this place will just turn into the Observatory for the rest of the guests. Also from June 21 to open all the hotels and shopping malls.That open: parks, squares, promenades, stadiums, stores with an area up to 400 sq m shopping centres with an area of 3 thousand square meters, the enterprises of sphere of services with no limits on number of visitors, cafes and restaurants (only a summer Playground with a separate entrance).What limitations remain: mask mode in public places (excluding beaches) and transport. Closed major shopping centres, concert halls, theatres, fitness clubs. The beaches are opened selectively, in coordination with the CPS. Abkhazia border remains closed.Entry and posting: 15 June abolished the mandatory observation for visitors from other regions, enterprises of sanatorium-resort sphere is allowed to resume work at the reception of the locals. The location of interregional tourists will be officially launched on 1 July, the purchase of vouchers already available. Entrants are not required to take the test for COVID-19, however, thermometry, inspection to identify signs of SARS are at the airport, at the railway station and the Golden gate bridge.In Sevastopol, June 15, resumed work all properties, except hostels. To enter the city citizens from other regions of the Russian Federation it is necessary to obtain the QR code on the website The statement on the code you need to attach documents confirming your reservation at the hotel. Other cities also need to provide a certificate (no more than five days old) about the lack COVID-19 and pass the test for the coronavirus at the entrance to Sevastopol. Before receiving his results, tourists have to be in isolation in a hotel.That open: June 15, resumed the work of catering facilities, museums, outdoor pools, Golf courses, kiddie rides outdoor picnic areas.What limitations remain: remain banned mass gatherings, mandatory mask also remains the mode in public transport and in places of a mass congestion of people.Entry and accommodation: the entry of tourists from other regions not limited to, from June 9 canceled mode isolation, passes and walks on the schedule (including for the elderly and chronically ill). Hotels, hostels, mini-hotels can accommodate guests, observing the requirements of the CPS.What is open services, car-share, Bicycle, parks, summer terraces of cafes and restaurants, libraries, stores, shops, beauty salons. Museums, zoos and exhibition halls work only with electronic tickets and limit the number of visitors.June 23 will be open playgrounds, restaurants and cafes, SPA salons, solariums, saunas, water transport companies, benches and pavilions in parks.What limitations remain: mask mode in public places and in transport. Prohibited events, not concerts and performances. Attending sporting events is allowed, provided filling the stands no more than 10%.Entry location: enter from other regions is not restricted, however, the city is recommended to refrain from trips to St. Petersburg. 1 June suspended the mandatory withdrawal, but residents are recommended to stay home and keep social distance. Hotels can accommodate guests.What’s open for tourists is available a private tour. At the end of June it is planned the opening of navigation on rivers and canals (meals on Board is banned), access to some parks, museums, galleries and zoos with observance of measures of protection and security standards. Officially, summer cafés and verandas, is expected to open in late June (decisions on them yet). In July will be the access to some public spaces. Large shopping centers will resume by the end of July.What limitations remain: in the region continues to act in a mask mode in public places. The summer café and catering establishments will not open before July. The Hermitage, the Russian Museum, Tsarskoye Selo Museum-reserve, Museum-reserve “Peterhof” and other museums are not yet available. Museum parks will be available until 1 July.Entry and location: tentative date of start of the tourist season in the region — from 22 to 26 June. Up to this point flown in from other regions must still comply with the 14-day regime of self-isolation. The first charters in the region plan to launch on June 24. The observation is optional for citizens, rented a house or apartment.What’s revealed in the full working mode of shopping centers and shops, as well as bath and sauna (except for use of the pools and hot-tubs). Open promenades and beaches. From June 16, resumed work parks. At the end of June it is planned the opening of the summer terraces of catering establishments. From June 17 to open the zoo from July 3 to begin work camps. Open access to the Curonian spit. At the end of August in Zelenogradsk will host the international championship fejérvarcov.What limitations remain: in the region continues to act in a mask mode in public places. The need to provide upon arrival to the region, the inquiry about absence COVID-19 is discussed regional authorities. The ban on holding mass events had to be cancelled on June 15, is retained until a special order of the regional government.Entry and accommodation: there is a mandatory 14-day isolation for everyone except citizens of the following vouchers for sanatorium-resort treatment. To do the test for the coronavirus to enter the territory is not necessary, when you check-in camper is required to present a certificate of epidokruzhenii (for the lack of contact with likely patients in a period of not less than 14 days before the departure date).What’s open: 1 June began the work of sanatorium-resort institutions having the license for medical activity. Allowed group trips with groups up to 20 people. From June 11, resumed the work of the summer verandas of restaurants and infrastructure of the resort parks.What limitations remain: until July 1, in the region introduced mandatory mask mode. Prohibited events (with the exception of the Victory parade), closed parks, museums, cinemas, fitness centers. A mandatory mode of isolation for people over 65.Entry and accommodation: June 5, Republic is open for tourists without additional tests and medical certificates on absence COVID-19. Mode of self-isolation and mandatory wearing of masks and gloves in public places outdoors is cancelled. Hotels, hostels, mini-hotels operate in compliance with the rules of the CPS.That open: may 18, museums resumed “providing excursion services individually or in groups of no more than five people, and in the presence of specialized radio equipment for excursion services — no more than ten people.” Open parks, squares, summer cafés and verandas, libraries, baths, saunas, pools and fitness centers. Since June 11, allowed to work with summer terraces and cafes.What limitations remain: the forbidden events, night clubs were closed, many Spa resorts don’t accept guests. In shops and public transport (including taxis) must wear a mask and gloves.Entry and accommodation: there is a mandatory observation for the visitors from other regions, but it is recommended to limit travel to tourism and recreation. Open only part of the hotels, booking is allowed for travel and local who want to relax.That open: parks, squares, baths and small shops with an area up to 400 sq m with separate entrance, beauty salons. Cafes and restaurants only takeaway or delivery.What restrictions observedare: motels, monuments, museums and churches are closed. The opening of the tourist sphere is planned not earlier than in July. Valid mask mode.Entry and accommodation: June 1, abolished the 14-day isolation for visitors. Some of the hotels available for booking.That open: may 12, open to the public city parks and alleys, as well as several nature parks. With the limitations of cafes and restaurants. Are open large stores (up to 800 sq m) and retail outlets, including street. There are a number of services, such as hairdressing.What restrictions remain: there is a mask mode in public places and in transport. Suspended the activities of the ski slopes, objects of public entertainment, situated in the resorts of all tourist facilities and collective accommodation facilities.Entry and accommodation: arrivals must undergo 14-day quarantine. Tourists can visit the mountain Park “Ruskeala”, using the route Saint-Petersburg—Sortavala—”Ruskeala” without further travel to the settlements. Since June 9, all tourist sites are allowed to accept groups up to ten people, including entering the premises. Resolved travel and Hiking in Karelia, accommodation in tent camps outside the settlements. Set the maximum number of visitors arriving for recreation and tourism. From June 22 to open hotels and motels. Tourists will be taken for any period of time. At the same time will increase the number of groups to visit tourism objects outdoor with 10 to 20 people with a respect for social distance.That open: lifted the ban on tourist travel by water transport in the White sea in Karelia to the Solovetsky Islands. Resumes of the nature Park “Valaam archipelago”. Partially cafes and restaurants.What limitations remain: from 15 June, the newly introduced mandatory mask mode in enclosed public spaces. Sports, entertainment, public and other events with the participation of more than ten people remain banned until you cancel the alert.Entry and accommodation from 8 June to abolish mandatory isolation for guests from other regions. The territory of the region can be reached by road, air and rail transport. The regional authorities are considering the possibility of zoning, experts define “red”, “yellow” and “green” zones of the spread of coronavirus. In each zone, the restrictive measures will be taken depending on epigastralgia.That open: parks, squares, business services. Resumed the work of enterprises trade area of 400 sq m with a separate outside entrance.Kakie restrictions remain: there is a mask mode in public places and transport. Hotels and bases of rest located in olkhonskiy, Irkutsk, Slyudyanka districts are still allowed to receive visitors. Cancelled tours for groups with a large number of participants, work private tours and programs, designed for 6-8 people. On lake Baikal in the first place will be allowed to resume the work of the separate guest houses (one-and two-family).Entry location: from the 8th of June began the first phase of the removal of restrictions: canceled withdrawal for citizens arriving in the region. The permitted activity of sanatorium-resort organizations of medical licenses for the provision of health services. At least until June 22, a suspended reservation, reception and accommodation of the citizens in guest houses, rest houses, camp sites, guest houses, campsites.That open: hairdressing and beauty salons; allow trade of inedible goods in shops area of at least 400 sq m with a separate entrance. At the same time in the trading room can be one buyer for 4 square feet.What restrictions are retained: retained the ban on holding entertainment, entertaining, cultural, sporting events, suspension of the work of institutions where the expected massive crowd of people.Entry and accommodation: from June 11 to abolish mandatory isolation for travellers from other regions, but it remains for those coming from abroad. Also cancelled a digital badge for leaving the house. The operation of hotels is limited: some of them place for doctors working with COVID-19, others had come from beyond the borders of Nizhny Novgorod who require isolation. To resume work at the hotels in full power plan in the third stage of restrictions.That is open summer verandas and terraces cafe and catering facilities and covered veranda if they are not filled more than 30%, and the table will sit up to four people. Shops with an area up to 400 sq m, provided that one visitor will have no less than 4 square feet. Furniture stores area of over 1 thousand square meters with a separate entrance. Operation of beauty salons and Barber shops without a medical license is allowed to pilot mode — with the installation of CCTV cameras and connecting them to the system of video Analytics.What limitations remain: quarantine continues to operate in the three settlements of Nizhny Novgorod region: the village of Diveevo, the cities of Pavlovo and Kulebaki. Trying on clothes and shoes is prohibited. Organizations that can resume the activity, you must obtain a confirmation to work. Valid mask mode in public places and transport.Entry and accommodation: from may 16 is canceled in the transmission mode. 17 June arrived from my friendsx regions do not have to undergo a 14-day isolation. For this we need to get on the territory of the Astrakhan region, a negative test result for coronavirus (the test cost about 2 thousand rubles). Camp sites and bases of rest are only open to local residents.That open: partially open parks, libraries, museums, zoos, embankments. There are a number of service industries.What restrictions remain: there is a mask mode in public places and transport. Prohibited any mass events.Entry and accommodation: there is a 14-day isolation at the place of residence or stay for arrivals from other regions. Hotels and hostels in the region are not working.That open: may 15, resumed work fairs of food, employment centers and MFTS (by appointment). From 25 may have earned some of the food stores. June 1, at the sports facilities permitted to hold competitions without spectators. Since June 12, has resumed hairdresser, Laundry, tailor shop, dry cleaning, dentistry, veterinary clinic and Studio.What limitations remain: walking and exercise in the open air and the grounds is possible only under condition of observance of social distance 1.5-2 meters. In the morning before 10 o’clock and in the evening after 18 can walk citizens over 65 years of age. Until further notice closed to visitors museums, libraries and cultural institutions. Prohibited the holding of mass events, parks and attractions. Don’t work food service establishments, except for the service at the bar. Banned visits to forests, citizens, and Smoking hookahs in public places. Valid mask mode in public places and transport.