From the beginning of April the capital of the company is to get personal analytical study of foreign markets. This can be done in the Moscow export center (YEC) under the jurisdiction of the city Department of business and innovation.

because of the analytical research, the entrepreneurs can choose the optimal directions for export. In one available study, which can be analyzed up to five foreign markets.

He noted that 11 percent received to date requests relate to the German market, eight percent in Kazakhstan, seven and a half percent of France. Recently, the number of interest of the capital exporting regions are also included South Africa.

in addition, the staff of the Moscow export centre found out which industries are most popular with applicants. Among them were electronics and electrical engineering (31 per cent), food industry (23 per cent), machinery and equipment (17 percent). Capital business became interested in agriculture as it accounted for three percent of queries.

to order a service, you must submit an application on the website of the METS. When filling in the type of exported products it is important to specify the code of the Commodity nomenclature of foreign economic activity. Analysts of the center will carry out research using the data of the Federal customs service database of the United Nations, interactive system of information on world markets and the International trade centre.

According to him, the results of the research center “Mosprom” in Germany demanded components and raw materials for the successful and smooth functioning of the German automotive companies, in Kazakhstan — food products and electrical equipment, and in France — the Moscow medical technology.

the Results of the buyer’s programme center “Mosprom” confirm the leading position of Moscow in foreign markets. Last year the centre organized 20 international events for more than 130 manufacturers, through which the company spent almost 1950 business meetings.

In preparation for the B2B meetings, the specialists of the center “Mosprom” studying in detail the benefits of products capital companies, will present the export potential of producers and conduct preliminary negotiations with the buyers to check their interest, carry out the verification of contractors. Analysts also conduct the actual analysis of the target market, including General market conditions, recent trends and factors.