According to a study from the year 2015 from Dr. John Douillard, the sleeping position has an even stronger effect on health than previously assumed. Not only the Position itself, but also the preferred side, plays an important role.

right vs. left side

Many of the functions of the body are distributed on either the right or left side of your body. Depending on which side is preferred when Sleeping, the body is supported or impaired by:

of The stomach and the pancreas, lie on the left side. When you sleep on the right, it pushes the stomach to the pancreas and inhibits their activity.The Aorta, the main artery, branches off to the left of the heart. Who is on the right side, is a burden on the heart because it must pump blood less “uphill”.The spleen is located on the left side of the body and is for the cleaning of the blood responsible. To support the lymphatic system of the body, is the best way to the left so that the waste products can quickly reach the spleen.The esophagus lies on the right side of the stomach. When you’re on the right page, the edible acid back into the esophagus flow. Consequently, the right to suffer sleeper about twice as often among heartburn as the left riser. Never on the belly

The worst sleep option is on the belly. In this Position, the spine is arched too much. Joints and muscles are put under pressure. The next day pain, numbness, and unpleasant tingling. The belly position, presses on the back of the neck and difficult Breathing, and circulation.

What is the best sleep position is?

experts agree that the best sleeping position is on your back. If we sleep on the back, head, neck and spine in a neutral Position. Thus, an additional voltage has to be avoided points.

sleep On your back, also helps with stomach discomfort. If you sleep on the back, raised the head slightly. Thus, the esophagus above the stomach, which prevents heartburn.

even More, minimizes the Position on the back of the contact between the face and pillow. This means that pimples and premature wrinkles can be avoided.

As you make your bed, so you lie. More and more people in Switzerland put on a box-spring bed. The Name comes from the fact that individual metal springs in textile bags or boxes to be sewn. With the special design and the soft lying surface of these beds, you sleep like on clouds.

is a beautifully decorated bedroom for a sound sleep is just as important as a comfortable bed. This should be in the place in the room you feel most comfortable with.

Subtle, cool colors, quiet and tidy room, help you Sleep, because the environment can have an impact on our subconscious.

you Should have enough space for a wardrobe with doors, floating or sliding doors. With the Configurator, you can set your wardrobe, as well as the box spring of the bed individually, together and on their own needs, to personalize.

Even with smaller Budgets, you can bring a fresh Wind into the bedroom: New bed linen is more than a feast for the eyes – fine fabric feels comfortable on the skin. So you sleep much better.

for More information and inspirations you can find in the Blog and in the sleeping counselor.

How to learn a new sleeping position?

Every person has different sleeping habits. And not always the healthiest Option is the most common – only 14 percent of people sleep on their backs. Habit to break, takes time and patience. Here are a few tips on how you can correct your sleeping position:

Many people feel a slight pinch in your back when you lie on your back. Stretching of the hip and the knee, as well as light Yoga before bed to help against it.With the help of a training pillow in the body can be brought into a healthy Position, without that uncomfortable pressure points do not arise, or the body turns while Sleeping.Practice makes perfect – in order to learn a new sleeping position, you need to stay persistent on it.

Have you today by sleep? Probably not. Because a quarter of the population suffers from sleep disorders. On the other hand, performance-Breasts-makers so that you can hardly sleep. To sleep well, is a dream for many.

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