At the beginning there was Nothing. Then, approximately 13.8 billion years ago, there were twin sisters: The matter and anti-matter. They existed only for a short time in equal Parts, before they began to destroy each other. The matter won obviously, because from her the current universe, our world and everything we know today.

The loser, the anti-matter, was, however, only in traces. Why they 0:1 lost, remains a mystery. Also, why are you not completely destroyed. Because the so-called standard model of particle physics to the two opposites of a perfect symmetry. Obviously, a piece of the Puzzle that could explain the imbalance of matter and anti-matter is missing. One way or the other: anti-matter is important for the science. So it’s time to learn about you.

approaching the anti-matter

anti-matter. You are not a physicist, do you think this word is perhaps first and foremost Science Fiction. Perhaps in fictional space travel pilots, which you can destroy with your cannons all the planet alone by an ammunition load of anti-matter.

of Course is space in the world-Fantasy much pure fiction, but at least they, the anti-exists matter. About in All, where you hailing in tiny quantities on the earth, in the Form of cosmic radiation. Antimatter can also be used in the case of radioactive decay of matter, and even artificially manufactured to research it. At Cern, for example. There are quantum physicists, antimatter hunt through a particle accelerator.

The different types of load

But what anti-matter actually is? The “anti” which means “against(over)” means – says it all: antimatter is the counterpart of the matter is. Every material Atom consists of protons, neutrons, and electrons (these have even smaller building blocks, but we’ll leave that away for this explanation, now). And each elementary particle has a counterpart, a so-called anti-particles.

we Take the Positron as an example, the antiparticle of the electron. There is a difference between the two is their charge: Since the electron is negatively charged, is wearing to be a positive charge. They collide – just as the Big Bang in the particle accelerator with each other, destroyed the Couple to each other. Left over energy remains in the Form of electromagnetic radiation.

New from the quantum lab

Apart from their charge, matter and anti-matter but are similar in many ways. For example, their mass is identical, and the anti-particle of the electron, the positron, interact in many ways similar to your physical player. Recently, the Swiss and the Milanese, Researchers have found another Commonality. You were able to prove that anti-matter particles – in this case, positron – like her matter-counterpart, not only as particles but also as waves behavior. This behavior was for the light already in the 17th century. Century discovered.

the detection of The so-called wave-particle dualism for anti-matter does not make a physicist for no reason euphoric. Because according to a communication from the parties involved in the project, University of Bern paves this realization the way for a new field of investigation in the anti-matter research. And the mystery of the unequal sister pair of air might soon.

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