Brazilian motorcycle racer Andre Verissimo was ridiculed online following a fiasco at the finish when he celebrated too early, eventually coming only third at the Superbike Brazil race.

The racer was leading when he decided to stand on his bike triumphantly raising his hands to celebrate what he thought would be an undisputable win.

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However, his dreams to savor the taste of winning were destroyed by two other competitors Osvaldo Filho and Marcelo Skaf, who were racing behind him.

The duo quickly outran the unlucky rider who was vigorously celebrating his ‘victory’, leaving him to finish just third.

📹 Insólito blooper en Brasil: André Veríssimo desacelero para festejar el triunfo… y perdió.

The bizarre episode was shared on social media with fans laughing off the ridiculous finish saying that one had to be ‘an idiot’ to lose the race in such a stupid way.

What an idiot,” one user wrote.

Que idiota 🤦🏻‍♂️

Such mistakes often occur in different categories of motorsport. And there will always be some more,” another person added.

Más de uno ha cometido este tipo de errores en diferentes categorías del deporte motor. Y siempre habrá alguno más.

Sometimes there are no doubts about how to define these situations: too confident? no … a player? no … IMBECILE yeah !!! Not only because of everything first, but because doing that is IMBECILE. The end,” one more comment read.

A veces no quedan dudas de como definir estas situaciones: confiado? no…, canchero? no… IMBECIL siii!!! No solo por todo lo primero, sino porque hacer eso es de IMBECIL. Fin.