What a pane Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher SMASHES window during at home practice session VIDEO

With the sporting world currently on lockdown, professional athletes around the world are being forced to work out at home and get creative as they look to stay in shape during the COVID-19 pandemic.

One such athlete is Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Joe Kelly, who set up a special target in his back yard in order to practice his array of pitches.

Unfortunately for Kelly, his attempt at a change-up pitch showed he needed a few more reps to perfect his release, as his attempt flew out of his hand, whizzed past the target and smashed straight through one of the windows of his house.

His wife Ashley was filming Kelly at the time for an Instagram story, and captured the entire moment as her husband let fly with the pitch that ended up smashing through their window.

Joe Kelly busting a window while practicing his change up is exactly what this quarantine needed pic.twitter.com/mizSujtHL2

His wife then took the phone into the house to survey the damage, asking, “Wondering how quarantine’s going?” before pointing the phone camera to the smashed glass in their bedroom.

“That’s cool. Rad,” she said, sarcastically.